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Weebly for Education provides a secure learning environment because teachers create classroom accounts and control access. Join your Square account to accept online payments and sell your items. It is surprisingly easy to create a high-quality website, blog or online shop with Weebly. WEBLY is a website and eCommerce platform based on the belief that the world is improving with the exchange of more creativity.

WEBLY Website Builders

Offer your clients a great website building environment while retaining full account, technical expertise, customer service and customer relations controls. Hosts ready-made websites on your own or with Weebly. More than 30 million viewers around the globe have created a website with Weebly. Weebly is available in 15 different tongues and is the easiest way to build a high value website, blogs or shop with Weebly.

Featuring an easy-to-use web site builders interface, nice designs and a web site promotion value of over 80%, folks enjoy using Weebly. Weebly for Hosts is now offering this expertise directly to our clients as a hosting or registration service. We' ve developed a number of great plug-ins and utilities to make getting into Weebly for Hosts a smooth transition.

All set to get going?

Square Support Center (Square Support Center)

Use Weebly to build a high-performance, pro-quality e-commerce website. Join your Square Money Player Club Money Market in order to receive payment on-line and resell your products. Please note: If you are managing more than one site from your Square user interface, you will need to activate this application for each site you wish to use with this application. Go to the Apps page of your Square Dashboard and click Get Launched, or go to Weebly's website.

New to Weebly, you will get a free 14-day free business plan evaluation. Find out more about Weebly and the prices. Sign in to your Weebly dashboard. You will see a menue on the leftside. Search for a square and choose Join. Login with your square user name and your login name. Square and Weebly can thus be connected to each other.

Square charges 2.9% + $0.30 for payment through your Weebly e-shop. With Weebly, payment processing is displayed in your transactions progress on your square dashboard and recorded in your CSV transactions. Weebly" is the name given to the payment you make on your Square Dashboard and includes a Weebly order number.

Find out more about displaying and download your shopping cart shopping cart information now. If your customer places an order in your Weebly shop, they will get an e-mail confirming their order from Weebly. Quadratic Acknowledgements are not created for your clients but you can always create a Quadratic Acknowledgement via your own Quadratic Dashboard.

Weebly orders - just like Square Point of sale orders - are funded according to your payment plan. Please note: Weebly is integrated into Square inventory. In order to start synchronizing your physical assets, please go to the Weebly Support Center. The Weebly functions, service and subscription are directly administered by Weebly. Please refer to the Support Center for further assistance.

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