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E-commerce shop for the India supermarket Hello Adam, would like to build our webshop that accepts India card and has India payments gateways like payu etc.. I was actually doubtful before I extended my subscriptions to Weebly and planned to switch to shopify as they did a good job doing the web store in India.

However, as we were not finished with the product ourselves and the period for the newsletter was near, we extended it at the end. So, if you could bring me up to date on this point, we would be the luckiest batch to be adding our Estonia engine (specifically for India, although open to the world).

What is Weebly.com being banned for in India?

If Weeblyis is blockaded in India, this is the answer I got from them for my website: I' m sorry you see this issue! Looks like the GOI is obstructing entry to Weebly shelters. Your website can be seen by us without any difficulty - and everyone outside India can see your website too.

The DOT has been approached to find out what the issue is and what we can do to get the bloc out. This is not a issue that I pledge is on our side and we are doing what we can to get the India point to get the bloc out. It'?s not locked. It works well in my broadband and mobile networks.

Updated: Today Weebly was locked in my cell phone area. Now Weeblyis is working on my cell phone number. Yeah, it's locked... Checks with two different ISPs. I either do not live in India or you access the website from different IP addresses.

Government of India blocks Vimeo and Weebly on ISIS content

A seemingly preposterous reaction on the part of the GOI ordered 32 ISPs to stop the 32 pages of the site, among them the famous web site share site and the drag-and-drop website builders and hosters. On their Facebook page, Weebly has said that they have contacted the relevant India officials regarding the prohibition, but that they have no further information on the subject.

Another site, according to a TechCrunch published listing, includes the text share site Pastebin, the codeshare site GitHub and DailyMotion. On Twitter, Arvind Gupta, leader of the governing party's telecommunications department, explained that the "blocked web pages are the result of advice from the anti-terrorist command and contain anti-India ISIS content" and that the "web pages that have deleted unwanted contents and/or collaborated with ongoing investigation will be released".

When you are in India, please refresh us in the following commentary if you still do not have permission to visit these sites.

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