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The best K-5 games in one place, interactive, educational games and K-5 simulation in one! Search for new activity added for the 2016-2017 academic year: ATTENTION: We are working to update interactive sites for all plattforms (including IOS). Most of the interactive hyperlinks currently lead to Flash-based activity.

Flash- is no longer support by most webmasters. We' re in the middle of deleting these Flash-based hyperlinks and substituting them with more recent activity. We hope you will understand that we are upgrading while you are with us. This activity is ideal for your interactive white board, computer, notebook or chromebook for group or small group lessons or for use in the computer laboratory or at home for personal study.

Select from entertaining, instructive, interactive games and simulation for mathematics, linguistics, natural sciences, sociology, humanities, and more! Most of these events are Flash-based. That means they DO NOT work on an iPad unless you are using an application that allows Flash to run like Puffin.

Of course the hyperlinks are changing fast and I can't keep up with everything, so there will be some defective hyperlinks, but I'm working on it! Do not copy or otherwise hyperlink any activity without prior permission. ATTENTION: These interactive games, websites and activity have not been developed by the owner of this website.

Use of this website constitutes your agreement to refer to material on the World Wide Web that cannot be accessed by the authors of this website. Often web ressources are changing. We will correct this site for any erroneous link, reference to unsuitable material and error as soon as possible.

Play - Trapped in the Net

Art Nouveau games focused on mathematics, natural sciences, soft sciences and linguistics. Learning games and activites for K-5 pupils. The games are divided into classes and concentrate on literacy, natural sciences, mathematics and sociology. Practise your card quiz! Practise mathematical abilities in an entertaining and provocative way. The NASA presents games about the world and beyond!

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