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The new Weebly App allows you to create a website with the iPad. He unveiled some quite amazing user figures, as well as a new website build application for the iPad....

iPad is no longer just for consumption and the web, but can also be used as a creative tools to create contents such as applications like Microsoft Office and the latest Adobe Premiere clip.

Today, however, Weebly launches an iPad application that gives the iPad one of the most needed ways to create content: build a website. The Weebly site is one of the most beloved site builder with free and subscriptions as well. Indeed, Weebly today also reported some quite staggering traffic figures: more than 25 million websites built and over 200 million unique visits to Weebly websites every month.

In comparison, only 2.4 million locations with strongly promoted, but also smooth competitors Squarespace were constructed. Weebly' new iOS 8 application offers almost all the site, web site, contents, and theme authoring utilities of the browser-based iOS 8 release, although it does not have the commercial functionality of the iOS 8 application. Prior to the release, I talked to Weebly co-founder and CEO David Rusenko, who said that creating the iPad application was not an easy task.

"We' ve been spending a long amount of our lives redesigning Weebly from the bottom up for the iPad." Rusenko also said that "60 per cent of Weebly subscribers are entrepreneurs". Rival Jimdo has an iPad copy of his site builder, while Squarespace and Wix don't. Veebly already had an iPhone application, but only for upgrading blogs, posting photos, reviewing page views and the like.

Web site build is free with free URL upgrades for customized web sites and powerful e-commerce at the prices of $4, $8 and $25 per monthly. In order to find out why, please see our full report on Weebly.

iPad Weebly App Rating

Web site construction is still one of the areas where the use of portable equipment is very restricted due to the unavailability of high value applications. If there is an application, it will only have about 25% of the functions of the web site dektop. Given this fact, the Weebly iPad application is a great way to get out of the traditional handheld paradigm by putting the whole Site builder on the iPad.

As a result, it was possible to create the website with the iPad without a desk top. WEBLY has an extra portable application called "Weebly Classic" for iPhone owners without the need for using our site builders. All in all, most of the functions needed to create a contents page similar to the Desktop edition are available. Begin creating a Web site by using your mouse to move items to the Contents pane using simple Drag-and-Drop.

It is designed to offer similar ease of use to both desktops and iPads. Also, all upgrades made without an online session are saved and recorded on the site as soon as the iPad is online. As this is a first release, Weebly will be adding all functions from the desktopsite to the iPad application.

In the following you will find some of the functions that are not available in the desktops version: The Site builder lacks some of the items. We can' t see the "Embed Code" item, for example, which is one of the most commonly used items in Weebly. Likewise, there is no way to process the original RSS / HTML in iPad.

No other services such as buying a domainname or e-mail are available. iPad application can be used to generate contents pages only. You cannot use the iPad application to build a blog or shop for your website. Weebly for iPad and Weebly Classic are bewildering and hard to grasp. The Weebly iPad application opens a door to all other players to take their solution to the portable and portable worlds.

All in all this is an outstanding application for the first release and hopes that Weebly will be able to make many more enhancements and keep the application up to date with the latest functions.

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