Weebly Iphone App

WEBLY Iphone Application

Introduction of Weebly for the iPhone Just one and a half days after our new betatest, we are pleased to announce the immediate release of Weebly for the iPhone! You can now pose on your blogs and organize your website on the go. Easily build your own blogs on the go with our easy draft and pop mailing interfaces. Immediately split your messages with one click on Facebook & Twitter.

Facilitate and respond to blogs' commentary and suggested forms. Weebly for iPhone click here to get it, and if you like it, give us a 5-star review on the App Store!

You can use the App to launch a blog - Weebly Help Center

The Weebly app is a bit different from the website in how you build and manage a blogs, but just as simple. Touch the Website symbol below to start. When you don't have a blogs, you will be asked to make one. When you have one, you see a blogs card, as shown above.

Touch the map to view posting and comment choices. Blogs can be in one of three states: posted, planned, or drafted. Touching Released displays all your blogs, and you can touch each one of them to make changes and republish the posting.

Planned contributions are exactly what they ring like - they have already been posted and are awaiting automatic publication at the date and hour you specify. Touch Schedule to see or change all planned contributions. Draft documents contain contributions that you have saved and completed later.

In order to make a new contribution, press the + symbol to open the mailditor. There'?s only a few possibilities here: Built-in include all the items you can put in a blogs article, as well as custom comment settings, scheduling the publishing date, and more.

As soon as you have posted your contribution, you can make it public on your website by clicking on Mail at the bottom right, or by saving it as a design to complete later. In order to store a contribution, touch Done at the bottom right and then Done (or Discard if you want to remove the contribution permanently).

As with the contributions, the commentaries also have some different statuses: Authorized: These are commentaries that are displayed on your website directly. They can also remove any previously sanctioned message or flag it as spamming. When you need permission for commenting in your blogs preferences, you can find commenting waiting for your permission here. What you can think of - you can find recently removed commentaries in this section.

Spamming: Here commenting has triggered spamming alerts, but you might want to occasionally verify that an unschooled comments has not been incorrectly classified. Enable alerts for blogs on the Account page and make sure you allow alerts for Weebly in the App settings ieOS. Lastly, by touching the Settings button at the top of the website page, you can select how your posts will be treated by default for your whole blogs, and when (if any) post thread should be closed.

Click the Preferences pushbutton in the postal editors to overwrite the standard comments behaviour for single articles.

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