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You're late: Weebly template wanted! The top 8 great looking Weebly websites When you have trouble creating the page of your dream, or when you just don't think it's possible to make a professionally designed page with a website building tool like Weebly, this articles is for you. We' ve put together some stunning web sites made by Weebly that would be a tribute to any company. We' ll show you 8 sites built with Weebly so you can explore the full range of designs and functionality, and when you see a site that looks exactly like the one you want, you know it's possible with Weebly.

Featuring great colours, a bright and contemporary look and vibrant wallpapers that move with you as you move, this site is all about children's literacy. All the site is one page and the menus lead you down to the appropriate area of the home page. When it comes to looks and functions, the site looks as if it was tailor-made from the ground up for the business, and you would never suspect that a site Builder has been used.

It is a parish and its website has a great deal of contents and hyperlinks, which require a very user-friendly interface that is easily navigable. This homepage has a contemporary look with a large cover picture, not much text and strong colours in a great fit.

Most of the page contents are included in inner pages, which you can access from the top menus. Inside all pages have the same layouts, with an upper heading like homepage, titles and text on the leftside and a side bar on the right side. Whilst the layouts are the same, they differ in colour, making each page one-of-a-kind while still remaining consistent with the overall website styleing.

Functions of the site are very simple: a search engine and link in the bottom line. Located in a beautiful location, this country style dining and tavern is privileged to focus on the great dining and atmosphere that this place has to provide. There is a big picture on the homepage and almost no text.

It emphasizes the image, the backdrop of the delicious meal, the name and a call to act, to reserve a place. For more information, see the menus at the bottom of the page, which include a good-looking wines list, a menue, contacts, and more.

Situated in Malta in a 15-th centuries edifice, this is the ideal website to present this singular, historical and enchanting place. Sweet, colourful and young, the website offers bright and passive colours and a concise homepage. Regarding the functions, the website is quite easy with an "over-page", a blogs and a galery.

Top menus contain all their top level profile, so their reader can track their news and artwork with ease. Fully in line with the latest fashion fashions in the sector, the designs feature a minimalist style with four large pictures of gorgeous ladies in bridal attire.

Inside pages are mostly text, with the exception of page collections, which show the latest dresses and their pricing in a store display. It also has a nice and easy store that presents the items for purchase in a way that really accentuates the nice pictures and colours. It is a one-page website, which means that all pages are actually on a long page, and you can browse down to see more, or click on the left menus to get to a particular position.

The Whistle and Bango is a jewelry store with a distinctive bracelet design. This site has a very young and fashionable homepage that shows two of her bracelets in large pictures that you should not overlook. Our store offers a variety of items for purchase, which are very neat and minimalistically organised.

Everything from shopping, from putting an article in the shopping basket to making a sale, is in line with the website's look and feel, and stays pretty everywhere. There is also a nice bottom line with a middle picture and text on both sides, making it very stylish.

It has a giant wallpaper with caption, sub caption and shortcut to find out more, which changes every few seconds to get a different one. Other functions used include a Contacts page and a Google Maps that shows the company's whereabouts. Influenced to build your own website with Weebly.

Take a look at our full Weebly review here and begin your website development today.

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