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Any text OR image you type on your website can be easily transformed into a link. Creating Links - Weebly Help Center It is possible to link to another website, a page on your own website, a downloaded document or an e-mail link: a text link, an image link, a button link and a navigation link. Each text you type into a text or title item can be converted into a link (or hyperlink).

Mark the text you want to link and then click the "Link" button in the text bar. The Link dialogue opens where you can specify the kind of link you want to use. If you click one of the link choices, it will be expanded, and if you click that choice again, the listing will be collapsed again to allow you to pick a different kind of link.

A link to a website ULL / page on another website. Or you can select to open the link in a new pane so your site remains open in the initial tabs and your visitors can access it again later. A link to a standard page or product page on your own website.

Simply choose the desired page from the menue. You link a document (such as a PDF or Word Doc) so that when someone links to it, the document is immediately downloaded to their computer. To browse your computer for the desired item, you can choose a item from the drop-down list or click Upload.

A link to an e-mail account that launches your visitor's email application, such as Outlook or Apple Email, so they can send you an email directly. Notice that if the user does not use one of these applications, the link will not work for them (this is a problem with web browser, no problem with Weebly links).

You can also use a contact sheet on your website or in conjunction with an e-mail link. The link will be stored in your account so that you can click outside the dialogue window when the process is complete. Remember that this link is not enabled in the Notepad, but when you click it, you'll see where it goes, and you can modify or delete it if necessary.

The link will be fully operational on the posted page. They can also turn any picture into a link. Then click on the desired picture and choose Link in the Picture Tools window. It will open your link option, which are exactly the same as for text. Buttons create a convenient call to Action buttons that points to other pages, pages on your website, file and e-mail address (see sample?).

If you drag a button item onto your page, type any text even though the perfect length is not more than five or six words. Then, browse to the link in the Tools box and you will see your default link choices. In essence, the navigational toolbar or menus are a collection of hyperlinks that open pages on your website.

Instead, if you want one of these pages to be linked to an outside site, you can do that. Choose the Pages page to open the page bar listing of your pages. When you click the+ button, choose Outside page. You can move this page to any position in your browser by draging it to the desired position.

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