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Sign in to edit your website. Has anyone ever created a customer login? Let's take the marriage photograph shop as an example...

... Once I have filmed the marriage, I would like to take the pair to the "Customer Login" page - where I give them a user name and another login code that I have made. If you click on submit it will take you to a personal page that is a galery of your marriage.

In this way the pair can exchange the access data with their friends and families - and anyone can access the galleries as long as they have the login and key. Right now - I photograph several marriages - so I want to be able to make different logins for different pairs.

However, redirect them all to the same client login page..... It redirects them to another privacy (or covert visibility ) page depending on what user name and passphrase are specified. Anybody got a fix or an ideas on how to do this with Weebly or an application?

It'?s your turn to become a member!

Affiliate is official here and gives you everything you need to build a solid affiliate relationship for your website, shop or blogs. This new feature makes it simple to incorporate affiliate programmes into your website and opens up a host of fun new possibilities, such as photo portals where members can print specific printouts or a conferencing site where only registrants can view information about events from the member areas.

Up to 20 members per site (UPDATE: Up to 100 members per site!) and limitless membership and member sign-up for your site. Let's take a close look at some keys to the new experiences. Conceived as a modular login/register, it offers a sophisticated usability that is sure to amaze your users.

Your login/registration hyperlink will be added to your primary navigator by default (UPDATE: We have added an optional feature that allows you to remove the "Login" hyperlink from your navigator if you wish). You can also hyperlink to this login/registration method with a pushbutton placed anywhere on your website - see the above movie for further information.

The member registry is available for the business plans and can be activated and administered via Settings > Members. It is a great way for large member pages with a lot of contents and members. We' ve developed these functions with a view to being flexible, we want you to create the member page that works best for you, with minimum functionalities.

Groups and page administration functions are available for both pro and business plan. Additional Member Features: Member is not yet available on the Designer Platform, but we are working on it and are hoping to publish it later this week. We would like to thank everyone who took part in the subscription betas, without your tough work and your input the subscription would not be where it is today.

It was a huge projekt and a very popular feat, so please let us know what you think, we can't await seeing the fantastic new member pages you're creating!

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