Weebly Login without Facebook

WEBLY Login without Facebook

Deactivate Facebook Login - Weebly Help Center Once you have signed into your Weebly email address via Facebook and decided that you no longer wish to do so, you can deactivate it in just a few simple clicks. First go to your page from the home page. If you click on the Edit Profile button, then on "Connected" next to Facebook - you will be asked in a pop-up window to disconnect, so click on it.

Don't forgot to click Edit Profile dialog to store your changes when you are done. Next, go to your Facebook page and click the top right hand corner to access the Settings page. Click on Apps in the side bar on the right and search for Weebly in the dropdown menu. You can click the right side of the symbol to delete Weebly entirely, or click the stylus to make changes to the privilege set.

After that, you should be ready, and if you want to get back on your feet, you can always reset your Facebook login by simply pressing the Facebook login icon on the login page.

I' m forced to sign up with Facebook, Weebly!

But another WEebly cause and other website builders plattforms that you could use (that you don't own or control) are completely shit! I' m currently working on a customer page...moving it from Weebly to their own website (which they own and have full power over), and Weebly has determined that I have to use MY Facebook login - even though I have never used it for Weebly - AND I have the user name and my passphrase to log in to the customer page!

Can' t get to the customer's website for him. I suppose that the customer might not be able to login to his website? But if you begin with one of these Website Builders plattforms, what will it take to switch to a better one if you find that it doesn't work for you, or you don't get visitors and visitors because their programming is completely shitty and doesn't appear in Google - or even worst, that you're unsubscribed from your own f*cking website?

Begin the way you want to go...with a website that YOU own and manage!

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