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All in all, Weebly is an incredibly high-quality package - and it's getting better and better. in Weebly, purchased by Square for 5 million. Our second highest website building site, Weebly, was purchased by Square (NO, not Squarespace!). The message comes as a shock, but the rationale behind it for Weebly and Square is solid.

I will try to give you the reasons for this step and hopefully inform you about what will be happening to your Weebly site in the near term as a consequence of this takeover!

Messages certainly seemed to come out of nowhere, as both Weebly and Square issued newspaper announcements on 26 April. Weebly' s summarizing it very well. Squares is an all-in-one payments system, basically. Why should a payments system want to buy out a website builder?

E-commerce is expanding and evolving every passing business, with businesses like Shopify accounting for the lion's share of total e-commerce. For this reason, this train is a great advantage for both Square and Weebly. To be up there with the best e-commerce vendors, Weebly needs to improve its gaming!

Have a look at the graph above, it shows the e-commerce world' penetration, taken from Shopify stats. That really shows that e-commerce is a truly ubiquitous business, and Square will benefit greatly from Weebly's world-wide audiences! When you thought that the USA was the largest e-commerce emporium, as I did, we were both mistaken!

Weebly' s vast footprint in Europe makes it easy to add 7% in the UK and 5% in Germany to the already vast Square area! Square gets a very much loved website builders with the abilities to really get into the eCommerce business games.

Here is a videoclip that proves that e-commerce is the absolute driver behind this step: Mr. Weebly mentions in her news announcement that: You don't have to be worried that you can only use Square to make payments, at least in the near future, because we all know that these things can sometimes get different.

Square's further advantage is Weebly's worldwide reach. Currently Square is primarily a US-based and focussed business, but with this takeover they have gained contact with Weebly's million clients and over 625,000 paying subscription accounts. How will my Weebly site work? At least, according to Weebly, nothing will be changed except the possibilities of additional payments!

However, I am confident that Weebly doesn't look like the kind of business that would consider its user needs as an aftermath. Their Weebly website should operate and run as before, as this business development, as already noted, is mainly eCommerce-based. Every time you make an acquaintance, however, there will be a conflict between the different concepts somewhere along the line.

Perhaps at some point Square will want Weebly's developer to concentrate more on the eCommerce side of things, and maybe that means their website builders are stagnating. Weebly will have more available funds with an enormous surge in funding. Talking about Google search, let's take a look at the interest in Weebly over time:

In comparison to Wix, our highest ranked builders, you can see a trends! As Weebly knows, the takeover (and funding!) of Square will, Weebly says, help counter this uptrend! What happend in 2016 that average Wix Weebly skipped? There are three soccer teams that are enormous in their own country.

The next was a big advertising campain with the movie Kung Fu Panda. Each of these began in early February 2016, when Wix began acquiring Weebly. Both Weebly and Square hope to profit from this purchase, otherwise it would not have even occurred!

At Weebly, we receive enormous support financially as well as other possibilities for handling payments. WEBLY customers will also have more flexibility when it comes to the creation of their own shops. For Square, now, as I said, their overall coverage can only be improved now. I' m curious to see what the bright side has in store for Weebly.

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