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View reviews, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and learn more about Weebly. Weak in the App Store More than 50 million artist, creators and entrepreneur have already built a website or shop with Weebly. Take the liberty of creating, launching and expanding your on-line shop, website or blogs directly from your iPhone or iPad, wherever and whenever you want. Share your one-of-a-kind storyline and construct your own trademark with Weebly. iPhone & iPad features:

Make your own shop online: - Easily set up and maintain your shop from anywhere. We have also corrected some errors in the shipment tag, made some visible changes to the button controls, added a conversion rate map and upgraded some general privileges. I got in touch with the developers and we went back and forth about the errors on the site several time.

Unfortunately, they haven't been fixed yet, and in fact I found a new error that will freeze the apple when I publish a new blog. It is an aplication that I really want to work better and it does. Grab -and-drop processing or the iPad-app is superior to any web desktopsurface.

However, there are big mistakes in this use. It is extremely disappointing and usually involves visiting a web server to fix the situation. And the other thing seems to be the blogs, which often tell me that there is a page offset that needs a journey to a desktops web page to fix it, leading to a complete lost of iPad contents.

In between these two problems, it is hard to believe this app will do what I have to do. Since the big mistakes *always* involve a journey to the desktops browsers, this really means that it makes no sense for this app, since you''ll have to use your desktops computer anyway eventually (usually sooner).

I' m walking the Pacific Crest Trail and will update my blogs every single day I get services. I have also noted a few errors where I will be adding or editing something about the application, but it will look different if I login with a computer. Vendor Weebly, Inc.

Requires µOS 10 for interoperability. Works with iPhone, iPad and iPod. Weebly, Inc. copyrights © Weebly, Inc.

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