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This guide will show you exactly how to add a quiz to your Weebly website. In the Weebly Website Editor, click Embed Code. Weebly is better in every respect when it comes to design.

Weebly buys Square website maker for 365 million dollars.

Squares today announces that it is purchasing website builders Weebly for 365 million dollars in a store that contains a mixture of money and stocks. Square says the intention behind the acquisition is to combine Square's payment hard- and software with Weebly' website serving, web shop designs and web shops to provide a unified business creation and operation platform for companies in tangible and virtual shop windows.

"Square began his trip with personal answers as Weebly began his trip on-line. We have since built both buildings to span these canals and together we can go further and faster," Square CEO Jack Dorsey said in a declaration. Square's announcements state that Weebly will help broaden Square's client portfolio - Weebly has over 625,000 paying clients, 40 per cent of whom are international - and provides the payment business with a new source of income.


Weebly' high-performance drag-and-drop website builders and managed set-up get your clients to their destination quicker without the hassle of programming. Weebly' drag-and-drop editing lets your clients build attractive, pro-quality and high-performance Web sites in just a few moments. Easy drag-and-drop capability for adding text, photo, map and video items.

The website of your clients is built right in front of their eye in front of real-time. It allows your customers' e-commerce sites to use a fully featured basket and safe check-out. At Weebly, we ensure that the e-commerce solution is installed on your website without the need for training. On the Weebly dashboard, your clients can gain insight into the website visitors, the most frequently viewed pages, keywords used to contact you, etc.

YourTube movies can simply be embeded on your customers' Weebly sites. You can use the Capture Motion feature to customize distance and display items on your web page. Any topic presented on Weebly is portable and reactive, so your visitor will have a great viewing sensation no matter what devices they use - portable, tray or desk top.

At Weebly, we have an expansive photography collection of free and affordable photographs to extend your customers' range. Using Slideshow Maker, your clients can easily manage speeds, transition and automatic playback with just a few mouse clicks while creating stunning slide shows. No programming skills are required for your clients to get up and running with Weebly.

Weebly lets you create great looking web sites in just a few moments with the easy to use web browser based simple to use drag and dropilder. In addition, they can use Weebly's editors to insert the desired items, administer their shop and even upgrade blogs. Every theme and element supplied with Weebly is fully portable.

Our Weebly schedules all contain hosted services. There is no need for your clients to make extra investments. As part of the Free Scheme, Starter and Per Scheme, your clients receive Stripe as a payments portal. The business map gives you the choice between Stripe, Square, Authorize. net and Paypal. The number of items you can offer for sale can be increased by updating your schedule.

Your clients are encouraged to start with Weebly's free subscription and then switch to another Weebly subscription depending on their needs. They can' get an e-mail through Weebly. You can, however, provide them with a stand-alone e-mail solutions for their company via us, which they can use with the same name.

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