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Weebly, what's the matter? This is Joe the monkey boy, who "romped around" with his butterfly friends and his little snake mice. It has a website called Weebly, and laser hair removal centers have been featured there.

WEEBLY? What does it mean?

Freebase (0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: Webhosting Weebly is an US webhosting company that has a drag-and-drop website builders. Since August 2013, Weebly has hosted over 15 million websites with a per month installment of over 100 million uniquely qualified users. CrunchBase (0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: AJAX Website Designer, Weebly lets you build pages with templates for your skin and contextual widgets.

User can simply pull contents widgets such as images, text, videos and Google Maps into WYSIWYG mode by dragging and dropping them. Weebly has opened its application programming interface (API) to external development partners so they can build embedded Widget for the Weebly pages and blogs platforms.

Visitors can follow the site and statistics on their Weebly dashboard. User can also advertise their pages by sending an email to their friend and post on Facebook and StumbleUpon via the Weebly Dashboard. The Weebly is a Y Combinator starter. I am really proud to be able to see the businessmen who are starting their business on Weebly to listen to some of their story... it's inspirational.

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Web site development and web site hostings services are provided by Weebly. In 2006 David Rusenko, Chris Fanini and Dan Veltri established Weebly together with Pennsylvania State University. Site-members can change the look and feel of their Weebly-hosted website by drag and drop to different places on the webpage. You can manage your contents from the Weebly website or with the Weebly iPhone application available on the iTunes App Store.

Weebly website members may elect to monetise web pages with Google AdSense and monitor traffic stats using Weebly's or Google Analytics' own web analytics tools.

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