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About Weebly Mobile

Weebly Mobile Website Builders - Use Weebly to build stunning mobile pages. Building a mobile website has never been so easy. Weebly topics are all fast reacting and look good on all mobile phones. Quickly design a mobile website that provides your users with a high-quality viewing experience whether they're using a telephone, tray or desktops. They can also make a mobile website with Weebly's applications for Android and iPhone handsets.

With Weebly, you get the power of mobile website building in your hand. Complete mobile optimisation and customisation is easy with a full featured graphical editing tool that lets you simply draw and dropping items into a fully reactive style sheet. Take a closer look at how your website will look to mobile users as you previews your website on a mobile phone.

Build and maintain a unique website that works everywhere. The Weebly website is optimised for mobile surfing and searching. A fast-response website lets you use the same contents between your machines, with the templates resizing the ads to fit the sizes of your screens. At Weebly we offer a wide range of layout options to help you build and maintain your mobile website.

Get creatively in complete command of the most important mobile web site functions, complete with headers and community share. The mobile interoperability is crucial for any successfull website. Weebly''s mobile Website Builder now provides you with the optimisation functions once reserved for professionals and engineers. Weebly will help you build a challenging mobile website and assert your share of the mobile universe as the web surfing trend continues.

Now your website is mobile!

We are pleased to inform you that all web sites created with Weebly are now mobile-optimised. If someone is visiting your website from a mobile phone, they will see the mobile phone number. You can configure the colour displayed at the top and bottom of the mobile website in the Preferences panel of the Editors.

You can also deactivate the mobile website from being displayed in full here. Your mobile users will still see the normal website in this case. Hopefully you will like these new functions! Like always we would appreciate your input in the commentaries and your help.

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