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We' ll optimize your app for a breathtaking increase in conversion rate, while still allowing you to customize the app to your needs. Administer your website from anywhere with the Weebly Mobile App. With the Weebly Mobile App you can create and administrate your website on any mobile phone (iPhone, iPad, Android or Android Tablet). Unparalleled functionality and layout designed for mobile handsets allows you to fully navigate your website or shop anytime, anywhere. Track all your website activities in near-life via the Weebly Dashboard within the app to get an overview of your key performance indicators such as revenue, visitors, blog commentary and forms information - all in one optimized viewing.

Easily create new product, photo, description, option (such as colour or size) and price information from your mobile devices and keep an eye on, analyse and edit orders immediately and in real time-all in one easy step. Weebly Mobile App can also notify you when a new order is placed so you can keep an eye on your website and react to requests in a timely manner.

Weebly Mobile Apps let you immediately launch a new blogsite and add or refresh your mobile or desktop contents. Mobile first offers full-text, photos, videos and one-click approval for your Facebook and Facebook sites. Keep in touch with your audiences by reviewing your blogs annotations, forms and client requests on the go.

No desktop or computer is needed to build and maintain a nice website. Weebly Mobile App provides a rugged yet easy-to-use screen for creating and manipulating websites with creative power and a variety of text, multimedia and styling features that have been redesigned for the mobile world. Select from one of Weebly's attractive designs and load pictures directly from the Photos Book onto your mobile device or tray.

Simple Web to App - Turn the Weebly website into a mobile app.

When your clients find you on their mobile device via their browsers and enter your website adress, this is the old way, the slower way. Every further move your client has to take to buy your products has a negative impact on your business. So make it easier for them to give you repetition orders.

Take it one step further with a mobile app. With your mobile app you can talk more efficiently. Deliver your clients direct to their phones with the ability to receive pushed alerts. Thrust alerts are 18 times more efficient than e-mail blast alerts. Now Google rewards website publishers who have a mobile app in Google Player by giving them a booster in their search engine optimization (SEO) rankings.

Now Google links your website to your app as part of the App First mindset. Everybody gets a free trial version with AppNotch. Submit free testush notifications. If you are 100% happy, you can have AppNotch release your app. Their new mobile app includes all the look and feel of your website, plus basket, instant messaging and other plug-ins.

Every times you refresh your Weebly website, your mobile app is refreshed instantly and autmatically in the App Store and on your customers' mobile devices. Mobile app will: Released in Google Player by AppNotch through your developers account*. With one click, give your clients easy instant acces to your custom app menus to order, call, see your pushed alerts, get to your community sites, and more.

Allows you to deliver limitless mobile messaging and notifications to your customers...for free. Have your app shared and get mobile with promotional campaigns. Enable your clients to easily distribute your app and your company to theirs. Have your app shared and get mobile with promotional campaigns. You get for an $99 per year or $19 per monthly return on your initial purchase and a one-time $99 setup charge for your *Google Player app:

Improve communications and effectiveness with push notifications. More satisfied shoppers with a better one-tap app experience. Consumers must have their own easily manageable Google Travel $25.00 Google Travel Player accounts - we'll show you how. It' simply and powerfully. Please have a look at AppNotch.com for FAQ or email us at weebly@appnotch.com.

Package 00 Google Practice subscriptions that must be purchased separately. CANNOT be supported by NO mobile plattform, at least for my website. If they discuss this with their supporter, even though they say they endorse iPOS, they refuse to give any discount on their services, even though their services were not what was guaranteed in their appdescription.

Well, your app will only be as good as the mobile part of your website, point. Warn ing: Your customerservice is NOT GOOD. AppNotch & Weebly very much failed. Excellent client liaison whenever you need it, AppNotch is the ideal app build tool for your own website. The AppNotch guides you through all necessary development stages.

Our client services were great. Set up is simple (if you are already comfortable setup member pages and groups in Weebly), works smoothly and now allows you to set up restricted member account. To say nothing of the fact that our client services are unbelievably prompt. I' m really happy Weebly has this available. It' my first chance to build an app, and it made it so simple for me.

  • This is great after sales support! - Notification push are GROSSARTIG! CONS: (restrictions or functions I wanted) - No groups for push notifications. The Appnotch has always been useful for any problem I needed help with. The app is very user-friendly for our clients who are booking trips from their mobile device.

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