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Detached: This mobile site looks like shit! Recently I made a website with Weebly. After that I released my page. But when I checked it on a mobile phone, I was deeply upset by the terrible confusion I saw in my mobile web browsers! My chosen topic was displayed as "Responsive" and as such does not have a switch for mobile overriding.

But the way the reactive mobile site changes the size of pads and pictures is not perfect. As an example, I have six verticals at the top of my target page in a single line, but in the mobile web browsers these pictures are shown as full frames in one col!

In the ideal case I would have expected the pictures to be shared 2x2 or 3x3, but to present them in a way that looks horrible! On top of everything, there doesn't seem to be any way to give website users the opportunity to view a "desktop version" of the website, and trying to get one through the mobile web browsers is inefficient.

Although it's not an optimal choice for mobile workers, I'd much rather have mobile workers see the website the way I created it than the nefarious standard formats! I think in this case "Responsive" doesn't do justice to his name!

To be able to separate the mobile versions from.....

The way things work with modern web designing... The ability to react becomes more and more important in web designing. All the new topics that have been created within Weebly are now fast to respond to, I believe, which means that building or modifying the site seperately for the phone will probably not be an optional feature.... Now I know that when we create a topic, we only create with a view to reactivity....

But I don't think that the "Mobile Editor" in Weebly will disappear anywhere once I can see that hundreds of thousand, if not billions of sites created in Weebly are still using an old/non-reactive topic.... Also, I believe that you can oversteer the "forced" responsiveness of today's topics, which should theoretically allow you to create your website in "mobile mode".

Actually I haven't tried it and don't know what the effects are, but you can try it.... go to your manifest.json and where it says "responsive: true" turn into false.... this should give you the possibility to edit your mobile website and turn mobile optimization on and off....

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