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Astounding look on every unit with new Responsive Themes It' s more important than ever that your website, your shop or your blogs look fantastic to every user on every machine, so we are especially happy about today's release of Squared and Bradley, our first two fully reactive topics! So, whether it's a telephone, tray, TV, portable...or whatever comes next, your website will look great with these new themes.

Keep in mind: All pages on Weebly already have a mobile optimised look, but the main thing that makes these new response themes unique is that they keep the look and feel consistency between web and mobile looks. As a truly multifaceted topic, Square combines a number of powerful elements into a fully reactive suite that perfectly mirrors your contents on any monitor.

Powerful in terms of picture viewing, content items and blogs, Square provides a number of stunning new website designs. Watch Square in Action with these sample pages: Square also provides some thrilling new ways to interact with important e-commerce items. These include new types of interactivity across category menus and a full width feature that lets you build distinctive pages.

Blogs offer a new left-side look, while responsive items use the Hamburg menu to make mobile navigating easier without compromising on important styling items. In your Site Builder, you can go to Square now under the menu path Designs > Designs > Change designs. Completely reactive and equipped with some elegant new navigational and visual items, Bradley radiates simple authoritativeness and will make a powerful impact on your first visit.

Experience Bradley in Action with these sample Bradley pages: Bradley offers many surprising things. Bradleley also includes a built-in navigational toolbar that makes it easy for your site users to find their way around, along with a seamless searching engine that allows them to discover deeper information. With some of our best badge design and some of our best hunting effect features included in this topic, so if you're a badge enthusiast, Bradley is for you.

Meanwhile, the products also feature an exciting redesign that blends perfectly into pro page designs. Bradley can be tried out today by modifying the themes in the Site Builder. If you need help, look at everyone's favorites, choose a new themesideo. With Building Squared and Bradley having a fast reacting outlook from the beginning, we were able to better incorporate designer features into a multi-device workspace.

We' d like to make it easier for you to manipulate these designs, so when you move to a mobile screen on the desktops, the mobile editors will alert you that the design is reactive and the mobile screen is a previews option for beautiful designs. Square and Bradley are just the beginning of our new fast-reacting push-to-button, keep your focus on even more and let us know what you think of the new themes!

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