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N.B.: iPhone users can download the same way, but they need a music download app because they can't download on Safari.

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What is the download procedure? Right-click "Download file" on your PC/laptop and chose "Save/link file/target as..." to store the track on your computer! Click on "Download file" on your mobile/tab until a dropdown menu is displayed, then click on "Save link/file as..." to download the track to your computer! N.B.: iPhone people can download the same way, but they need a music download application because they can't download on Safari.

royalty-free music downloads - Silver Dolphin Music

1. Browse down and download the track you want to use. Copying the text "Attribution" below and pasting it into the current album where you are using the song(s). If, for example, you use the track in a YouTube movie, you must copy the attribute text below and insert it into the YouTube movie caption.

Please do not neglect to indicate the name of the songtitle. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at silverdolphinmusic@gmail.com or use the enquiry page on the "Contact" page. Attrition: Name of the song: You are welcome to make a contribution if you like the music on this website and wish to show your esteem and commitment.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Weebly Help Center - How to create a digital product

In the same way as natural items, adding your own content is adding your own content (files, music, video, or anything your clients can download). In order to append a digitally stored item, go to Store > Products and click the Add Device button and make sure your selected item category is Digitally Good. In order to up-load the file (s) your clients will download, please scrolling down and clicking Submit File.

Send as many uploads as you like. It is possible to define a limitation, either how often the file can be download by a client or how long the file is available. So why choose a download limits? There is no restriction on the possibility for clients to communicate with other persons.

You can use the Download Availability box to set a limitation. If you set the number of day or the number of times you want to download, remember that some clients may make a mistake the first time they download the files, such as the accidental deletion of the files or something else you may not be expecting. Don't make the limits too small - you want to give them some room to maneuver so they don't have to get in touch with you if there's a situation.

Delivering a download time of 5 to 10 nights or 5 to 10 times is a good general practice to give your clients some margin for maneuver. They can also reduce the accessibility of digitised goods according to geographical area. For more information, see Restricting Your Product and Service Products.

If your customers purchase a digitized product, they can download that product immediately after they place an order because we show the order verification page that contains the links. You will also get an e-mail with the download-button. You will also get a copy of the e-mail, which will give you a back-up of the links you can give them if they loose their e-mail.

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