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The first step is to create your new account if you have not yet registered with Square for Retail. In order to get to Weebly, simply log into your cPanel account and scroll down to our "Site Builders" section. What is the time it takes to get my new website online?

Quadrat für Einzelhandel und Weebly | Square Support Center

By integrating Square for Retail and Weebly, you can build a high-performance, professionally designed e-commerce site to present your products on-line and make payment with Square. We' ve teamed up with Weebly to optimize your web presence - so you can devote less setup effort and more customer care.

Weebly Square for Retail is simple to set up your own shop now. If you are new to Square for Retail or not, the procedure will be slightly different. What's new at Square for Retail? And if you haven't registered with Square for Retail yet, the first thing you need to do is set up your new account.

You will see the opportunity to shop on-line with Weebly during the registration process. When you do not see the possibility to buy on-line with Weebly, set up your Square for Retail account and proceed with the procedure for an already established account. Register for Square for Retail. Throughout the registration process you can make sales on-line.

On the Square Dashboard, when you arrive, build or maintain your article libraries in Square - adding article pictures, inventory and article description. Notice: Article pictures added to Weebly will not be synchronized with your Square account. Currently, picture synchronization only works from Square to Weebly. You already have a Square for Retail account?

And if you already have a square for retail plan, you can start Weebly through your quad dashboard. See the Apps section of your local sqare dashboard. Search for Weebly and click Get Start. Choose the site you want to use with Weebly. Let Weebly browse your quadratic items collection to simply bring in your equipment.

Please note: If you are managing more than one site from your Square account, you can only add one site to Weebly. Learn more about how to import your article libraries with your Square for Retail account. In order to login to your Weebly account: Navigate to your Square Dashboard > click Applications in the menu on the right.

Choose My Apps > Weebly. On top of the Square for Retail subscriptions, you will be charged $25/month for your Weebly on-line shop. Square charges 2.9% + $0.30 for payment through your Weebly e-shop. With Weebly, payment processing is displayed in your transactions progress on your square dashboard and recorded in your CSV transactions.

Check your dashboard for your payments behavior, which provides a detailed view of the inventory you' ve been selling for in-store and on-line use. Find out more about displaying and download your shopping cart shopping cart information now. If your client places an order from your Weebly shop, he will get an e-mail confirming his order from Weebly. Quadratic Acknowledgements are not created for your clients but you can always create a Quadratic Acknowledgement via your own Quadratic Dashboard.

Like your Square for Retail payment, you will get your contributions for Weebly orders according to your payment plan. Even though Weebly is billed by Square, Weebly's functions and service are directly administered by Square. Because Square invoices your Weebly account, you can cancel Weebly directly from your Square Dashboard.

Sign up for Pricing and Services on your dashboard. Find your Weebly account. In the My Apps section, click the Ex button to cancel Weebly's account entry and remove the dashboard application. If you unsubscribe, you will no longer have direct acces to your Weebly shop. Here you will find answers to common Q&A about the Square for Retail and Weebly integrations.

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