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The acquisition of this start-up to build a website could be a big value creation factor for Square.

The acquisition of this start-up to build a website could be a big value creation factor for Square. Square (NYSE:SQ), a payments and finance technologies firm, today announces that it has signed an agreement to buy Weebly, a website build services, for $365 million in bar and equity trading. Square could use this to help speed up its pace of development in two ways: e-commerce revenue and globalization.

Expanding Square's burgeoning eco-system with a website development stage could bring tremendous benefits to the business, and the cost of the deal could end up looking like a good deal. Squares has developed into more than just credit card handling equipment. Square. Weebly is a website creation tool that allows your clients to simply build professionally looking web sites and shops without having to know anything about Weebly.

It' s obvious where this could go in the Square eco-system - now a small company could use Weebly to open a store, Square's payments solution to recover its revenues, and Square Capital for its current funding needs, to name just a few. Square CEO Jack Dorsey said in the announcement to announce the acquisition: "Square and Weebly shared the shared enthusiasm to empower and celebrate entrepreneur.

" "Our most important focal point in 2018 will be omnicannel commerce," says Alyssa Henry, Square's leading salesman. "No matter if it's an artiste, a vintner or a barber, with Square and Weebly, salespeople have a unified way to set up their own businesses. "With 625,000 paid subscription customers and little duplication with Square's existing dealer network, this is a huge way to outperform Square's other offerings.

A frequent critique of Square's shopping paradigm is that it is heavily dependent on stationary or map-present retailing. Weebly' takeover gives Square a major push in the eCommerce sector of the retailing industry and the opportunity to increase its on-line turnover significantly in the years to come. Dorsey said, "Square began his trip with personal answers as Weebly began his trip on-line.

" Besides the development of omni-channel solution, the development of the company's presence internationally is one of Square's most important tasks. Apart from the US, Square currently only operates in four countries - Japan, Canada, Australia and the UK. With almost 40% of Weebly's customers (approximately 250,000) outside the US, this transaction could certainly help speed Square's growth into other high-potential businesses.

It can be assumed that the global market will be a major driving force behind this increase. Were Square able to record only 2% of this amount, this would be more than 15 fold the actual annualised payments amount. Briefly, the global extension is a tremendous chance for Square, and this purchase could help speed up the game.

In summary, the takeover of Weebly has the dual advantage of strengthening Square's e-commerce footprint and speeding up globalization. In recent years, Square has quickly become much more than just small scale credential cards. As well as its main focus on handling cash transactions, Square has a flourishing lending franchise, a peer-to-peer pay application, a grocery supply chain and more.

The latest addition brings Square one stage nearer to its goal of being a one-stop store for small business in its stores - both bricks and grout and online as well - and I wouldn't be surprising if Weebly ended up adding far more value to the business than its $365 million rate sign. Squares is not on our top "buy" ranking, but these 10 shares are investing savvy David and Tom Gardner have just published their best shares to buy now - and it might be worth listening.

Frankel Matthew holds stock in Square.

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