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The Stats Dashboard of Your Website - Weebly Help Center Your Insights into Your dashboard section contains a set of information on various facets of your website that will help you keep abreast of your website's progress and manage your management decision-making. Advertising, distribution and advertising. Or you can display a roundup of your website statistics on the overview page, as shown above. Your site shows your page impressions and your visitors for a certain date area.

On the Site Activity page you can see the number of users and the most visited pages for the selected information, and on the Sources page you can see from where your users are redirected. All these statistics, what do they mean? side views: Number of pages that a visitor has visited on a given date.

Three, ten, twenty or any number of pages can be visited by one user. Exceptional visitors: This is the number of times each user has visited the site. You should always have a fewer clear user number than the number of page impressions just because one user can view several pages and create them.

Keywords: Here you can see which keywords your users have typed into Google, Bing and Yahoo to find your website. More keywords you see, the better your website is likely to be placed in your target group. Linking pages: If a user visited a page and left a page to access your page, they were linked from that page to your own page.

Our sell -side provides a complete overview of how well your business is working. Select a date interval and check your turnover and orders or look at the statistics for each period individually. To see a chart showing the percent of page impressions that resulted in an article being added to the shopping basket and the percent that actually ended with a sale, downarrow.

On the product page you can see statistics for single product and see which product sells the most. When you are a Performance-Plan subscriber, you can also find out how many of your purchases you have made through failed automatic shopping basket mail. Using Weebly's e-mail marketers, you can track the effect on website traffic as well as your website marketer's website related revenue.

To see information about specific e-mail marketing activities, click the E-mail links to see information about each e-mail campaign, the Automation links to see how well all the automatic e-mails you've sent are working, and the Ads links to see information about advertising marketing activities.

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