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Password Weebly Protection

Hiding, Restricting Access, and Unpublishing Your Website - Weebly Help Center Standard website visibilities are open to the general public, i. e. individuals can browse and display all pages and contents on the website. There are several ways in which you can restrict your ability to visit your whole website or certain pages. When you are a pro or business client, you can block pages with a password.

On the Settings > General > Location Password page, type the password you want to use to protect your pages, and then click Saving. When you type a site password here, all pages on your site are blocked from access. To protect only certain pages with a password, you can select or deselect password protect on the Pages page using the View Options panel.

As a Pro or Business Client, you have all of our Member functions at your disposal, as well as the limitation of accessing pages solely on the basis of certain members and groups. When you want to conceal your website from Google, Bing and Yahoo you can do this on the Settings > Settings > Web page, then down scrolling under the Header box and selecting Seek website from concealment.

When you want to exclude single pages before searching, click on the Pages page tabs, choose the page you want to exclude, then choose Set your preferences for Internet Explorer and tick the Show this page from Internet Explorer boxes. To make a page appear open but not in your Browse menus, click the Pages page tabs, click each page, and then click to clear the Show in Browse dialog boxes.

When you want to unpublish your website entirely so that nobody can gain it, we will show you at the bottom of the page under Settings, then General, the last times you posted it, and give you the opportunity to unpublish your website. Once you have decided that you are willing to revisit your site, simply click Submit.

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