Weebly Payment Options

Weak payment options

Weebly Stripe is one of the first payment gateways offered by Weebly to enable business owners to accept payments from online customers. Please accept the following cards in your Weebly: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express, Diners, JCB. Weebly Help Center - Receive Payments Before you can pay on-line, you must create an affiliate with a payment service provider. You take charge of the collection of the payment from your client and forwarding it to you. The majority provide multi-voice and multi-debit card assistance.

Please note: Each payment processing provider provides different denominations, different payment plans and different payment charges.

Search each one and select the best one for your company. At Weebly we work with the following payment service providers to integrate their products and solutions directly into your shopping basket and order processing: SquareStarter and higher planCredit cardholders can edit SquareStarter and higher plans either on-line or in their own personalized way. PayPal and a debit service are available.

This means that you can choose one of these three transaction methods in your Weebly Store: When you choose one of the last two options, your shoppers can either make their purchase with their debit cards or by signing into their PayPal accounts. When you use PayPal only or the client decides to use PayPal when both are available, the client will be directed to PayPal to login to their bank accounts and make the payment.

Please note: If you have already installed an PayPal shop, you may be prompted to update your current shop profile. At Weebly we recommend that you purchase this update. In order to configure a payment processing system, go to Step > Setup > Checkout. If you want to connect to an already running computer, click Connect to open an already running computer or click Connect to open an already running computer.

Setting up an bank isn't painful, but requires you to give your bank and other commercial information, so make sure you have it at hand. Please note: When you join for the first time with Stripe, you can immediately take payment, but you still need to enable your bankroll. We will send you a e-mail with reminders fromStripe with instructions on how to do this.

Make sure you act promptly - if you do not finish the trial within a few week, all payment you receive through your strip accounts will be reimbursedutomatically.

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