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Supports global phone numbers Being a non-US user of a website weebly hosts, I want to type phone connections and call immediately without having to enter the countries first. Being the Weebly website administrator, I would like to introduce our telephone connections with additional countries in order to enable our customers and affiliates to use them in an intuitive way.

Currently, telephone connections do not use non-numeric digits. We would like to ask you to include additional phone number format supports for'+','(' and')' so that we can meet the many different phone number format requirements that exist. Otherwise, at least one picks that allows us to select the land and then fill the HTML address accordingly.

There was a similar question I saw from this post: another Weebly site administrator asking that forms panels should handle more number format than just the USA.

Ability - Integrate the phone's intuitive interface into your website.

Get 100% more phone call from your website users. Processes several telephones - fixed and mobile. Allows different phone numbers for working and off-time. Your phone is ringing and the user clicks. There are several phone contacts in your company - fixed and mobile. There are also various telephones for working times and out of work.

On your website, a visible phone log makes sure that customers' phone numbers end up on the appropriate phone without you posting phone numbers on your website. Wherever you are, your phone book will invariably prompt your website visitors to click and talk to you (or your staff). Unrestricted number of telephones, fixed and mobile telephones.

Computer/Telephone Formatting - Weebly Community

So, I have tried to modify my website through my phone and it ended up modifying the layout for it on the computer as well. The phone size of a website is very different from the computer size of a website. When you do a little thing on your phone that changes, the whole website looks like changes on the notebook and if you would do something on your notebook that changes, the look of the website on your mobile phone would look atrocious.

The distance is off, images and detail are in places they shouldn't be. I would like Weebly to disconnect the phone website and the lap top website, but still have the same name.

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