Weebly Platform

The Weebly Platform

We were asked to do Wix vs. Weebly as a follow-up to our Weebly vs. Wordpress video. The company builds locations for customers and uses the Weebly Designer platform. Weebly was the name of the platform and completely changed the web design landscape.

Designers Platform - No Access to Apps

First, I want to say that I really enjoy the Weebly platform. But as a designee, I have the feeling that we are bringing the store to Weebly, but it seems like we are a third earth after Weebly. We compete directly with our design team by offering less than what we can bill our customers.

The App Store is inaccessible to us. It is a big drawback for the design team as they cannot provide our customers with the full range of Weebly products. Missing information from Weebly about when this will be fixed. Failure to communicate is discouraging. Reduced montly charges for our design platform user to be on an even par with Weebly.

At least a pricing interruption after a certain number of websites have been reached by a certain webmaster. This is a new design platform that doesn't interfere with the design process and provides every weebly users with easy accessibility. This is a design blogs that tells all of our design professionals what action is being taken and how we can express our concern.

Questions about the use in the Weebly Designer platform

We build locations for our clients and use the Weebly Designer platform. It is their "White Label" platform which allows us to put our corporate logos etc. on everything and remove all tracks of the Weebly label. Unfortunately, the designer platform has NO direct acces to Weebly's Application Centre. Unlike normal Weebly editors, we can't even include the free Weebly editors in our Drag&Drop editors... not even the free Weebly editors.

My questions is, how can we use your Widget and/or Template? I mean, we can adapt our designs. There is an html/css editors and we can also move "embed code" by dragging & dropping in the register card "Build". Because we create websites for others, can we use the same template or widget in more than one client site?

Hello Bruce, I'm sorry, but you can't use Baamboo or any other app in the Weebly App Centre for the Designer Platform.

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