Weebly Portfolio Examples

Examples of Weebly portfolios

This is another great example of a simple website with hero headers. On the main page the portfolio for a number of customers is presented. Examples of Weebly Portfolio | Powered by Weebly. com At Weebly, we serve about 40 million Web pages around the globe. We' ve hand-picked 8 of them to show you what the avarage Weebly-based website looks like.

Whilst we usually put together different website styles (webshops, blog, webshops, web sites...), today we have chosen to show you some of the best Weebly portfolio examples.

Hopefully these will excite you and show that Weebly is a good web publisher for you. This website was designed by Rachel Brenke, who is an writer, geographer, lawyer and management consultancy for photography and blogging. We have already introduced this website in our Weebly sample website collection. Website is a beautiful blend of Weebly Planting Page and Portfolio.

Large pictures make strong claims when it comes to portfolio management. A picture used by Wendys makes it clear to your website visitor what kind of service it has. Notice the efficacy of using a contrasting text consisting of black text and logos with bright colours on the picture.

Incidentally, our reviews page has many examples of organised weddings. This is another great example of a website with heroes headers. Helden's picture also uses a contrasting effect of black backgrounds and bright type for a better usability feel. The thing that makes the website work is a simplicity of appearance and the possibility to offer the picture and the text of Sara's musical work.

Jeremy website homepage has a full screen with large font in black and red that immediately attracts your interest. Thanks to its large dimensions, the model is easily readable even in bright areas of the picture. Photo Timeless.com's styling is incredibly straightforward, but that makes it so navigable and ocular.

Martina Hohnjec - the website proprietor - presents her best photographic works and tailor-made marriage items with a basic menue. Some of the most efficient functions of the website is a slide control that is available on the homepage. Delivered with the Pause Pair feature to make it easy for any users to see every photograph in detail and evaluate the professionality of a professional professional in the field.

Not only will you find a portfolio of photographers, but also an up-to-date blogs and FAQs on what you should do if you want to work with Martina. Contacts include the on-line forms where a visitor should indicate the kind of photographic sessions they need. The next is Benk.com. au, a portfolio website designed by a Melbourne-based artists, illustrators and animators.

Frankly, this website looks a bit easy, it would be great to make at least brief comments on the author's image. In order to illustrate the artist's career development, the author's portfolio is intelligently divided into different year of origin sections. Placed against the bright purple backdrop of the website, the images show a masterly interplay between the natural, the human and the technical - the areas that will be linked for a life.

Magneta VisualArts.com is a website made by Magdalena Biskup, another artist who is also a professional artist. Clear and tidy styling will help the visitor to concentrate on the artwork instead of focusing their attentions on the needless items of the website. That makes the simple designs and minimalistic concepts the keys to the successful portfolio website with Weebly!

The lower menue is almost hidden. I thought at first that it was a photographic image descriptor. As a result, visitors' awareness is drawn to the category of photographs they are most interested in, which reduces the amount of extra working hours. Every part of the website seems to be in its own place to give the visitor exactly the information they need about the teacher and her work.

This website's homepage is in the subtile gray and dark colour schemes with a large high definition photograph of the teacher and the quote, which is the most important statement that reveals the nature of her work. Website's top level menus are straightforward and user-friendly for everyone. That' s what a website made by Weebly should look like!

These examples are the best evidence that building a portfolio website with Weebly is definitely a clever concept that leads to a larger client roster and a respectable look for your photo library! You a Weebly operator? Tell us your experiences and show us how great your Weebly website is!

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