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The Weebly Promotion

Explore alternatives, similar and related weak advertising products that everyone is talking about. Announcement of Weebly Promote: Easy email merchandising to increase your revenue With Weebly Promote, our new end-to-end e-mail campaign management tool, you can easily generate and deliver e-mail messages with just a few mouse clicks. Our e-mail campaign management tool lets you manage e-mail advertising directly from your Weebly website, shop or blogs. E-mail is an important asset for any website or company, it is three fold more efficient than socially responsible advertising when making a purchase decision.

You can now start your own e-mail campaign on Weebly. Check out Weebly Promote Free! Weebly Promote provides everything you need to get your audiences excited and increase your visitors back to your company or website, from dragging and dropping e-mail designs to managing lists and trackers. Weebly Promote can be used to inform your clients about a new release, sending your reader alerts every week, or sharing an update with your most dedicated supporters.

Those functions are directly linked to your Weebly affiliate so you can do e-mail advertising and your website from the same location. Each Weebly Promote can be tested with any Weebly schedule for up to 2 e-mail promotions. The Weebly Promote can be used on any website in your area.

Let's take a look at the most important Weebly Promote features: Weebly Promote offers you a wide range of ways to create your e-mail lists, and the first thing you need for any e-mail campaigns is a complete listing of the e-mails you want to be contacted. Upload your friends from e-mail service like Gmail, Yahoo! and MailChimp by using a uploader.

They can also synchronize their Weebly members group leads, branch orders and order formulas with a one-click easy integrator. With the new item "Newsletter form" you can set up a special e-mail newsletter for your e-mailinglist. Dragging and dropping items to make your e-mail look great. Customize your own pictures, fonts and colour schemes to make e-mails that fit your website and your brands.

The Weebly Promote uses the same basic pull & dropdown builders you used to make your website. The Weebly Promote provides a straightforward timetable with important e-mail statistics to help you better identify which campaign has worked well and which needs to be improved. Weebly Promote lets you design stunning e-mail clients alongside your website.

We' d appreciate it if you could tell us what you think about the new products and what kind of e-mail campaign you have for your website, shop or blogs. Weebly Promote is just beginning, new additions will follow soon!

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