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It is Weebly's policy to promote pricing

You can easily add forms within the Weebly websites and the Promote platform. Promoting price structure - Weebly Community For those who perhaps care about it, as a long-time Weebly client I have been intensively involved with Promote. Once again, I've been a faithful member of the Promote for years and appreciate the growing features I've seen at Weebly; however, Promote, like many of the new features, is outside pricing.

Knowing the nature of your company's operations, like mine and many others here, is to make moneys. However, if we concentrate on Promote, you get very little for your $96 per year on the Build release. There are two main reasons why I want to use Promote: a place to do everything with my website, and the built-in comfort that it works with my website (instead of embedding code).

Perhaps you are adding 1 automation per months, 1 planned per months, 1 Smart Group......... etc. Not only would it give members the opportunity to try out their "BUILD" mailinglist (as the name suggests), but it would also give them the chance to try out these extra functions, which in turn could give them encouragement to make an update because they want more of them.

And I don't know if this will intersect the way of someone of importance at Weebly or if I'm just guessing to see myself writing........ Hopefully Weebly will consider this and see that there could be a better way to make a living while adding value to their clients.

Thanks for your while, Mr. President,

Veebly Promote vs. Mailchimp vs. Mailerlite

Zapier or automate.io has not yet been integrated with Weebly and they seem to have developed their own e-mail promotion tools to be able to compete with other e-mail promotion service providers. Previously, I benchmarked over 40 e-mail marketers and made Mailchimp and Mailerlite related referrals for small businesses' e-mail marketers.

If you have your website embedded in Weebly, what happens if you collect e-mail address information from your Weebly orders? Incorporated into Weebly. Contact details from duly submitted form or automatic order are added to Promote and are available for sending e-mails. You can add a form within the Weebly website and the Promote website.

The free version is for 2 e-mails per months and up to 500 receivers per e-mail. Costs are rising rapidly by $8/month for 5 e-mails per months, but still only 500 receivers per e-mail. It is necessary to get to the $25/month schedule to be able to ship to more than 500 receivers at the same time.

If you want to use your contact for another application, you cannot simply use Promote to simply extract your contact. This are the two most important e-mail based marketers for small business. For the first 2000 users Mailchimp is free and Mailerlite for the first 1000. Neither have a form that you can build and simply paste into your website to collect e-mail.

Provide all the trusted functionality of rugged e-mail advertising with automatic campaign automation, pop-ups, exporting, and more. Currently there is no automatic way to get Weebly' contact to any of these utilities. You would have to once a month create new orders from Weebly and upload the contact information to Mailchimp for Mailerlite to be able to e-mail your people.

Download the complete comparative chart of e-mail marketers tools that shows how each tools meets each need, as well as my comments on each one. You will soon be receiving an e-mail on how to get your spread sheet. When you are 100% bound to Weebly and know that you will NEVER modify to use WordPress or any other website tools or vendor, then I would choose Weebly.

However, since I know that we never really know what the next steps will bring, I would suggest using Mailchimp or Mailerlite. They' are utilities that focus exclusively on ensuring that your emails are delivered. What's more, they can also be used to help you get the most out of your emails. I' ll wait for Zapier or automate.io to make headway with Weebly to get an integrated!

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