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Have a look at my Weebly review to explore the pros and cons of using Weebly for your website! Criterion, rating, comments. This email will contain a link to a page on your website where you can select a star rating and leave your comments. Weebly verified, detailed reviews and assessments of benefits, drawbacks, prices, features, and more. Check Weebly against alternative content management systems.

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The Weebly Review: "I use Weebly for my website, the simplest to use and robust for creating brochure-ware websites with a few quirks". It is one of the most easy-to-use web site builder drag-and-drop tools, yet it still has a lot of functionality. Front-end capabilities includes the addition of section, which is a newer version of web site designs.

WEBLY also makes it pretty simple to do some of the more back-end functionality of a website, such as doing on-site site SOE (Search Engine Optimization), linking to an externally used domain name, add a fav button, add 301 re-directs, etc. It is very simple to setup navigational capabilities such as scrolling and stuffy navigations (where the navigational options remain may vary depending on the selected template).

Using a tech backing is pretty easy for you to set up a favorites symbol, 301 redeirects, 301 search engines, Google Analytics, and more. But I wouldn't suggest using Weebly for comprehensive e-commerce features. When you seriously consider blogging as the heart of your company, WordPress does a much better job. What WordPress does is a much better one. Weebly' designer platform for agency has not had you for years, and there is no information from Weebly about when it will be updated.

If you need a website for brochures, Weebly is a great place to start. It has some great functions and you can't outbid how simple it is to use. However, the functions of blogs and e-commerce are restricted. While there are several pretty easy-to-use plattforms out there, I use them for many of my customers who are just getting started or who need one that they can finally administer and upgrade themselves as their companies grow - especially at the beginning or start of a company.

You can add extra features by embedding them.

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