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Creating a "Read More" Shortcut - Weebly Help Center Use of the "Read More" item is an easy way to prevent longer postings from overloading your page, giving you more visibility into how much of your site your users see. As you work in the Blogs Blog Editor, you'll find that the Build page contains several different items. They are only available for use in a blogs posting or in the side bar, so you can't use the Reader More item on a default page of your website (although you can readily make a hyperlink to a covert page to achieve a similar effect on non-blog pages).

Find the Read More item and drop it onto your posting. They can be positioned anywhere - everything below the Read More item is shown on the permission link page for the posting. This is how the example above will look on the blogs page as soon as it is published:

However, there are a few other things it' re really good to mention: If you use the slick topic (shown in the first screenshot), you don't really need the Read More item - by default, every posting on the page with that topic only displays the topic and a " Read Now " shortcut.

It is not currently possible to modify the text from the standard "Read More".


Pupils arriving or departing from magnetic colleges are required to fill in a reading record. Pupils should spend at least 30 min reading each morning. Below you can either dowload a reading protocol or create your own way of documenting your reading. We have put together and developed a wide range of reading activity options this summers that help Florida Academic Standard for Packets to meet class 2, 3 and 4 requirements to help 3-5 ascending learners.

Furthermore, ELA packages are available for increasing secondary classes. This can be used as an exercise by filling in a package from the preceding degree levels norms (e.g. - increasing 3 packages base on degree 2 norms). Even if your student is reading above class levels, we suggest that you start with a regular exam to ensure thorough study.

The packages can be downloaded and printed. Reading for third class pupils who need assistance. Reading for fourth graders who need help. Reading for pupils finishing 4th class who may need assistance. Reading for pupils in class 5 who need help.

Reading for pupils who complete class 6 and need assistance. Reading for pupils in sixth form who need help.

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