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Sell the Weebly Website Builder to your customers. Create your own website or blog in minutes with the free Website Builder Tool Weebly! With Weebly' powerful Drag & Drop Website Builder and guided setup, you'll get there faster without programming.

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At Weebly for Industries, we integrate a range of business functions into our reliable website building engine so that any company can effortlessly set up and maintain tens or even tens of thousands of websites. Resale, management and hosting in a fully scalable enviroment. Intrigutive Site Builder makes it simple for anyone to design a high end website, blogs or stores.

Building on and customizing the system to provide a truly memorable moment for your company and your brands. Make your own designs and items to make customized packs for re-sale or in-house use. Spend less of your own resources by creating, managing and hosting 100% coverage websites. Provide full authorization and administration levels to customers and employees for full system level technical assistance controls.

You don't need any expertise to build nice, vibrant web pages without having to worry about manually updating or creating new point-and-click software. Weebly for Industries can be tailored to your individual needs, whether you need 50 or 50,000 webpages. Weebly for Industries transforms the way companies build Web pages, from scale to market, through property and financial franchise, to support departments and faculties in hospital and university.

As Weebly locations generate over 200 million hits per months, it's not surprising that market leaders are using Weebly for Industries to speed up their businesses. Weebly even offers Google and Square directly to clients who want to create their own webpages. With Weebly for Industries, businesses of all sizes can go beyond the boundaries of traditionally website building.

Creating and Managing Sub-Resellers | Weebly Cloud Developer Documentation

Weebly Cloud sub-accounts are Weebly retailers who own and maintain your Weebly Cloud accounts. With these sub-accounts or "sub-resellers", you can administer the activities and preferences of each of your sellers separately. Every one of your sub-dealers has a distinct reseller_id, distinct reseller preferences and acces to its own clients via Cloud Admin.

Negotiators will not be charged directly by Weebly - their costs will appear on your bill. Every website action will be charged to your trading price reconfigured in your trading area. Please note: The option to have sub-dealers is not available for all Weebly Cloud users. Please get in contact with your Business Development Manager or your Business Manager for further information.

On the Accounts page of the Cloud Administrator, you are creating and managing sub-resellers (available only to members of the teams with the administrator or technician role). Click Add Sub Trader to add a new subtractor. This is the sub -reseller's name. Sub -resellers can overwrite this with the Cloud Administrator for their accounts.

You can overwrite this with the Cloud Administrator for your Cloud Administration area. dmin name:: Operator who is an administrator for this sub-reseller and has cloud administrator privileges. If you are creating a new sub-reseller, you must have an administrator who will configure the Weebly Cloud for his own accounts.

Administrator e-mail: E-mail for the administrator. The Weebly Cloud uses the e-mail as the user name for login to the Cloud Administration. This is the e-mail that will be sent once the sub-reseller generation is completed, with directions on how to login to the Cloud Administrator for full config. If a reseller is registered, it will apply the following reseller preferences - you can modify them in the same dialogue if necessary:

Weebly maps available: and the Weebly schedules that this sub-reseller will make available. Please note: Sub-dealer websites do not have direct to the Weebly App Center. Users who have been hired as Admin receive an e-mail with a hyperlink that enables them to generate a secret code and login to the Cloud Admin. You use the Cloud Admin like a default reseller, with the sole exclusion of accounting.

Settlement page is suppressed because subsellers are not billed directly by Weebly. Once you have set up sub-resellers, you can administer them from the same page. Display the number of websites owned by the sub-reseller and make the following changes using the Options button: All new sub-reseller account creations are in test session by defaults.

Allows them to take some extra effort to get Weebly Cloud up and running, as well as create test pages. When you click Finish Trial Reseller, the sub-reseller is active and websites that are not associated with trial visitors will be billed. User that have been added after this point in view are not in test session. You can also sign up as a sub-reseller to fix bugs.

If you click Login, you are signed in to the Cloud Administration as a member of the administration staff that was established when the sub-reseller was made. Use the Sub-Account APII to program the creation of sub-resellers. A new reseller ID is given back. This sub-reseller is configured to be in test state. After creation, you can upgrade sub-resellers via the PATCH end-point.

It is also possible to generate the Sub Reseller's own Sub Reseller copy of the Sub Reseller's password and password. The Team Member Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to set up cloud admin user for the sub-reseller. They can also use this interface to generate a unique login hyperlink (like the one sent in the email).

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