Weebly Reviews Cnet

Veebly Reviews Cnet

Google Sites gives you far fewer customization options than Wix or Weebly. Weak:: An eye-catching utility for creating basic websites. So if you ever find that you need to quickly publish a base website to the web, it would be a few moments of your busy schedule to visit Weebly, whose 2.0 release was released today. WEBLY has large holes in its functionality, but as a fast and filthy website hosting it's not too bad.

What is it?

Now you can begin by choosing a page from Weebly' layouts (which all look good), or simply type with the standard one. It' very straightforward to add items like images (via upgrades or a Flickr Galleries module), YouTube video and Google Map to a page, and to add pages to your site is also it.

To change the look and handling of a website is simpler with this tool than with any other website design tool I have seen. Restrictions on this facility will make you crazy. It is not possible to insert an illustration into a text pad afterwards - there are different modules for text and for text plus illustration.

It is not possible to place a heading or caption on an embeded item (such as a Google Maps or YouTube video); you must use a distinct heading engine. If you want your website to have its own domainname instead of a Weebly.com URL (like our test page phosphorphresh.weebly.com), Weebly will leave the entire configuration up to you and your Registry.

In addition, there are no contents categories. There is no blogs or forums and, for that reason, no communities except a contacts page engine. Because Weebly looks like the beginning of a great ministry, but right now I'd say it's a really good instrument for a child writing a script.

I' d like to see Weebly introduced under the leadership of a large corporation (like Google) where they get the ressources to expand the power of this tools. Microsofts Office Live, Google Page Creator, SiteKreator, SquareSpace, HomeStead, etc.

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