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About Weebly

Established in 2007, Weebly is a comprehensive trading solution that enables anyone to launch and expand an on-line commerce experience with web site template curation, e-commerce power and built-in merchandising. Over 40 million businesses around the globe use Weebly to expand their client bases, increase revenue and promote their ideas. Developed for any businessman who wants to target a worldwide public, Weebly gives everyone the liberty to build a high quality website and shop that works great on any machine.

Offering a variety of price choices, such as free and premier customer experience as well as business opportunities, Weebly is the highest ranked website creating apps on the Apple Store and Google Play. Headquartered in San Francisco, Weebly's investor base includes Sequoia Capital, Tencent Holdings, Baseline Ventures, Floodgate, Felicis, Ron Conway and Y Combinator.

Over 325 million uniquely qualified users now visit over 40 million Weebly Web pages each month. The Weebly was established by our fellow students David, Dan and Chris. Seeing how hard it was for their buddies to put their work on-line, they joined forces to develop the first site that would allow anyone to simply make a good website.

Today, Weebly has been helping billions of individuals - businesses, businessmen, educators, performers and more - create something unique.

Questions about a fee from Weebly - Weebly Help Center

Weebly? What's Weebly? Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Weebly is a San Francisco, California-based corporation established in 2006. Why is this fee charged? This fee can be for a registered username (e.g. www.example.com), a Google Apps plan or an upgraded Weebly Premier Account. It may also be levied for the automated extension of a past acquiredervice.

You can check with the home or business if you are still not sure what this fee applies to. When you believe that the debit has not been approved, please notify us, stating the date of the debit, the amount and surname, and the last 4 numbers of the charged payment method. Weebly' Premier Service products all have a 30-day money-back warranty.

When you have been invoiced for the automated extension of a previously ordered subscription and you no longer need or wish to continue using that subscription, please get in touch with us as soon as possible so that we can help you. Please enter the date of the debit, the amount and the surname as well as the last 4 numbers of the invoiced payment method.

Have you purchased your services through our Android or iPhone applications? Is there a way for me to get a voucher for this fee? Each time you make a sale, we will send a voucher to the e-mail box on your bankroll. Or you can reprint your previous shopping vouchers in the Order History section of your Accounts page.

What can I do to terminate my membership? Your Weebly affiliate can be deleted at any moment. Login to the name of the bank you wish to terminate and go to the Bankroll page - you will see a deletion icon at the bottom of the page. However, if you wish to keep your current service but wish to terminate one or more of your accounts, you can do so in the My Service section.

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