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Fraud warning Pay attention to all website designers/developers. During this review I will talk about what Weebly is and how it works. Ajarn Koh Pattaya Schwarzmagier is a great con man and con man.

Weebly. com Reviews - Legit or Scam?

Weebly. com is called " the simplest way to build a website" and says that they can give everyone the opportunity to build a free, high-performance and expert website without any engineering skills. Additionally, they say that they have 100s of professionally designed topics to select from, a drag-and-drop logging function, tonnes of multi-media functions, and - perhaps most important - your website is also free to host.

A lot of website building businesses provide web site provisioning for a fixed monthly charge; Weebly says that their web site provisioning is dependable and monitors 24/7, at no charge to you. Weebly. com is not free of charge for all functions. They say, however, that all their purchased functions are optional - before you choose a particular function, you are made fully aware that it is a pay function and its prices.

Then you can choose whether you want to use this function or not. You are also offering something they call pro account, which are their website paying account. Should you be dissatisfied with your Pro Account for any reasons, the website says it will provide its clients with a 30-day back refund warranty.

Remember, once your affiliate is terminated, you will loose all your prior site contents. Weebly. com has also established a special feature that benefits those in school. Tutors can build their own web sites for classes and allow their pupils to build web sites. He will help faculty supervise students' bank statements, take on tasks on-line and keep parents up to date on their students' work.

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WEBLY Ratings - 61 Ratings from Weebly.com

Wish I could zero this firm. It seems I was recently made attentive to the acquisition of companies, hence the shift in management and service. This is what recently occurred to me, and this enterprise is evading accountability. I' ve just extended my season ticket for another 2 years early this year and Weebly has agreed to fuck me.

2 ) You have recieved an e-mail reply on this subject. I didn't know that my bank accounts were cancelled without an e-mail warning / notice the same sameday / after. 3 ) Replied to the same e-mail. Impractical because the political staff does not take any phone call and only answers by e-mail. 5 ) After submitting a seperate e-mail, the policies teams replied.

6 ) I sent several e-mails to them asking for an explanation of which pages and conditions were infringed. Last one triggered the same answer. "and we wouldn't use them again." In the attachment below you will find the e-mail conversion. You can see that I was not notified that my pages were deactivated and they just did it and interrupted me.

This is Weebly for you now. COMPUTER: The firm screwed up. I moved from GoDaddy to Weebly because of the good ratings.

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