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Search Field Addition - Weebly Help Center Once you have updated to Weebly Pro or higher, you can include a search in your website so your users can quickly and accurately find what they are looking for. Like any other element, the search field can be moved to several pages. Users can search your site by typing a simple keyword or sentence into one of the search fields you've added.

Results are immediately shown on a search results page that differentiates between normal pages, blogs, and blogs commentaries. When no results were found for the visitor's search query, a plain alert is shown to indicate that this is the case. It uses the text found in paragraphs, titles, eCommerce items, page titles, page descriptors, headings, keywords, and image headings / tag styles to specify which results to display.

To exclude a page from search results (so it won't appear when someone else looks for it), select that page from the page listing on the Pages page tabs, click the Preferences button, and then select the "Hide this page from search engines" option.

The reason why you need to search for a location

In order to create a winning e-commerce website or business, you need to help clients find what they are looking for. Just think of going to a shop that wants to buy a certain one. A search field acts as a useful seller for merchants who sell on-line. Location Search is basically a small field that you put on your site so people can search your site for a particular item or a particular type of services.

Like a client who goes into a real shop with a checklist, on-line clients who use page search intentionally shop and are often in a delayed buy fashion, says Ornaith Killen, a Econsultancy analyst. Approximately one-third of on-line buyers will use the site's search field when it is made available, and research shows that they are more likely than other buyers to make a buy.

"Providing a user-friendly search function, companies can help their clients find the articles they are looking for in a more rational way," says Killen. "As a result, shoppers have complete visibility into their own buying experiences, which increases retention and the likelihood that they will converse and come back to the site for more time.

" Companies that offer website search services also benefit from the advantages of higher revenues: Consumers who use the site search engine have up to 50% higher rates of exchange than the typical buyer, Killen said. "Whilst not everyone uses the search functions of a website, those who are looking for something in particular and are expecting to find quick and easy answers," says Search Engine Land columnists Paul Shapiro.

"When your search engine is poor, your site's visitors can exit, which means you lose a supporter, a leader and a client - and that's just not acceptable in 2017. "The addition of a search field to your site or shop is easy for those with per plan and higher. This can be added to the headers or footers of any page to enhance your customers' experience and boost your overall revenue.

In the bottom line of its homepage, there is a search field available for glue B Soaps, which allows users to search for certain articles if they cannot find them on their products page. As with other search boxes, the search field can be moved to several pages. You can also enable a search field in your page head if your design works with it by using the Design Element section on the Design tab.

The search field allows your clients to simply type a keyword or phrase to search your site, with instant results displayed in a text that corresponds to your overall fontsettings. When the search does not find a matching search request, a plain text alert informs the customer that no results have been found.

Displaying search proposals on the results page also gives your clients more buying inspiration and motivates them to buy extra items. Approximately 25% of website users click on a search proposal offered to them on a results page. Search toolbar has no analysis or search engine so your search pages do not appear in the general search.

They are just a tools for your clients to find and buy more quickly what they are looking for among the many pages and articles on your site or shop. Location search is an important instrument for the economic development and long-term prosperity of your on-line shop. Don't let your clients feel like they' been wasted.

Lead them to the goods and service they are looking for by setting up a search field on the site today.

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