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The Weebly Server

steveraveesh @weebly Server does not respond to problems. Showing a domain name on a Virtual Private Server (VPS). Reaction time: What you see here in the blue diagram is the number of milliseconds that Weebly's servers need to respond.

Managing DNS records - Weebly Help Center

In order to make changes to your DNS entries, go to the Domains page in your profile and click on the domains you want to work with. Allows you to edit the name server and your DNS entries. When you choose to have your site hosted in a location other than Weebly, you will likely receive directions as to which data sets should be changed.

You should have your new hosting provider providing either name servers (ns1.example.com), IP addresses for use with A record (e.g. or CNAME record (ghs.google.com). This example shows how to modify name servers, but all other data sets can be edited using the Modify command in the DNS Entries window.

When you click Edit, you are sure that you want to edit your name servers in the alert notification. That may seem exaggerated, but these options should not be modified unless you have received name servers from another hosting. On the following screen, type the name servers for your new hosting and click Saving.

If you change your name servers, your website and all e-mail associated with your domains will go off-line. Reconfigure your DNS entries with your new hosting. When you want to create a website with a different hosting but still want to manage your domains through Weebly and prevent interruption of your site you should ask your new hosting for directions on how to view your A-Records or CNAMES instead ofameservers.

Please also be aware that changes to your DNA record can take up to 24 hrs to fully spread. You can also reset everything by clicking the Reset to Default icon if you want to reset your preferences and use Weebly as your hosting again.

Distribute server locations to sites that use Weebly.

For further information please refer to our detailed Weebly Marktbericht. The graph shows the percentage of Web pages that use different server types among the Web pages that use Weebly. The United States is used by 99.9% of all Web pages whose server site we know and which use Weebly as their Web site CMS. See our Weebly Markets Review for utilization and audience shares for all 228 server geographies among Weebly geographies.

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