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In just a few clicks, you can integrate a shopping cart and start selling products on your website. How to turn your Weebly website into a selling engine. Do you know that since 2011 e-commerce has been increasing by 17% every year? While 79% of US small businesses still do not market their product on-line, this is the case. As a small company that resells goods but doesn't have an on-line shop, you're losing a unique chance to grow your revenue at an exponential rate and stay ahead of the game.

Learn how to create an affiliate shop and how to integrate it into your Weebly website. Today, with this guideline, you can work with a Weebly e-commerce site today, and probably for less than the profits you make from your first purchases on-line. Click here to get your own Weebly e-commerce shop so you can participate.

Have you not yet finished reading our guidelines for setting up your Weebly website? Please begin here. Weebly E-Commerce - Why? Weebly is an ideal companion for small shopkeepers looking for an optional on-line shop. You have many great e-commerce functions, their website builders are simple to use, they have good client services, and they are one of the cheapest choices in the trade.

Weebly E-Commerce enables you to quickly build an on-line shop and reach more consumers and sells more goods. Find out more about why we are recommending Weebly in our complete Guide to the Best Website Builders. Even though this item will concentrate on establishing a shop for the sale of real goods, the same procedure can also be used for the sale of real goods and real estate as well.

Please refer to these detailed instructions for configuring the Weebly website before continuing to establish your e-commerce shop if you have not yet done so. When you have already created your website, the first thing to do is to log in to Weebly and open your page browser.

As soon as you have opened your publisher, click on the "Store" register card at the top of the page. When you click the Shop page, you will see a full featured storefront and a page for your shop. Weebly is your e-commerce home base where you will be able to set up and manage things in your shop.

First thing you need to do now is to include a shop page to your website. Click on the "Add" pushbutton on point 1 below the "Getting Started" section as shown below. In the element toolbar on the leftside, you can choose which type of page you want to use.

Select the "Shop Page" item. Now your shop is set up. But you still have to click on the "Save" to make everything formal. Happy birthday, your shop is up and run! Somehow... it might be good to actually put in some additional items. Click on the "Add product" icon in the centre of your shop page.

You' ll be redirected to the Produkte page in your shop Dashboard. In order to start the addition of a specific item, click on the small icon at the top right of the page. Here it is essentially just plug-and-play, you enter the information for the item you are going to append in each of the appropriate boxes.

Enter the name of the products, enter a name, choose a prize, send a picture, etc. .... Or you can simply append a SKU and click the "Track Inventory" button if you are planning to monitor your residual stock for each item via Weebly. You can also choose to include different size and color choices at the bottom of the page.

Once you have completed processing all your boxes, click the verdant "Save" icon at the bottom right edge of the display to complete the supply chain processing. As soon as you have completed the addition of a specific item, it will appear on your primary item display screens in a declining listing type display mode. When you want to attach your items in large quantities, you can either use a CSV attachment to submit them or attach them to your Etsy or Shopify shop.

First click on the "Import Products" icon at the top right of the page. It opens and allows you to select a CSV for uploading or click the Etsy or Shopify fields if you want to start importing from there. Then click on the green "Continue" icon at the bottom right of the field.

All you have to do is simply extract from both and then paste this into your Weebly e-commerce shop. Organizing your product into different product groups is the best way to do this. Catagories allow you to group your product into specific areas that will appear on your shop's homepage. First thing you need to do is go to the Category page in your major Weebly e-commerce shop Dashboard and click on it.

Just name your catagory, choose a picture for the catagory if you want, choose which items you want to include in the catagory, and then click the gray "Save catagory" icon at the bottom right of the page. It is also possible to combine the same item in several different catagories.

Your Weebly e-commerce shop home page will display category at the top of the page, including product items as shown below. In order to get to your shop setup page, just click on the "Store Settings" register card at the bottom of the Weebly E-Commerce shop dashboard navigational tables. You will then be taken to the general "Store Settings" page.

Here you enter a lot of information, such as your preferred currencies, weight/measurement units preference, shop type (add to shopping basket vs. buy now), shop adress, e-mail, telephone number, etc. Finally, you can turn the "Note to Seller" on or off, according to whether you want your customer to be able to leave you a customized memo when you purchase.

Once you've finished to add your information, just click the Saving Settings icon at the bottom right of your desktop. In order to get to the check-out settings page, just click on this register card on the Store Settings page. In case you don't have a businessplan, your only way to pay is to register with Stripe (if you haven't already done so).

Just click on the activation icon next to the Stripe payment card checkbox. You will then be able to either create a new Stripe user or log in and connect to one you already have. And if you've already bought the "Business" plans, you can also integrate Square, Authorize.net or Paypal into your Weebly cashier.

A similar procedure is used, simply click on the activation icon next to the desired CPU and either link your current pay per minute accounts or set up a new one. Each time a client on your Weebly e-commerce site performs a checkout, they have the ability to pay by either using their activated processors or Paypal if you have activated this feature.

You can optimize the way your branch layouts are presented by choosing the Ad indicator in the general Customizing of your shop. Just click the Show panel on your storefront's home page and adjust the desired setting. It is possible to modify how many columns there are in a line, how many product (s) you want to have on a page, your ratio for your products/categories and whether your category should be shown as a side bar or as a block on the page.

Please pay attention to the yellow Save Settings icon at the bottom right of the page. When you sell real goods that you want to send, it' important to set up your shipment option and prices. On your General Settings home page, click the Dispatch page on the side of the page.

Click on the "Add Location" icon at the top right of the page. Then click the destination to which you want to send, and then click the orange "Add" icon at the bottom right of the screen. In order to begin the process of creating tariffs for certain jurisdictions, click on the "Add Rate" plus symbol under the jurisdictions page.

Next, you need to determine how to determine shipment, either by pricing or by weighing your products, and then enter the appropriate information, such as shipment title (e.g., USPS priority) and shipment cost. Once you are done, click on the red "Save" icon at the bottom right of the screen.

I' ve been selling some of my ceramics on-line and sending them to my clients. With Weebly you can also define your own taxation rate for your own company. E.g. our clerk who has his ceramics shop will charge a 7% sale duty to Indiana State residents when they buy his Indiana ware on-line because that is the state in which he is situated.

Naturally, certain items such as cigarettes, alcohols, etc. may have extra duties, so make sure you do your research. In order to determine a VAT percentage, click on the "Taxes" register card in the preferences of your online shop. Weebly will then charge you the appropriate amount of income taxation, if the site is in the United States or Canada.

With Weebly you can automatically resend e-mails for specific promotions performed by the client or related to specific aspect of a client's order, such as order confirmations, order confirmations, downloads, shipped items, etc. In order to process an e-mail, simply click on the "E-mails" register card on the general preferences page. In Weebly you will be taken to the e-mail display for this e-mail and then you can process various aspect of the e-mail.

Simply click on the news area in the headers or footers, type the desired news in the pop-up window and then click on the OK-icon. Weebly e-commerce is a good option for the typical small company proprietor. There are some ingenious e-commerce functions missing such as real-time shipment cost calculator and deserted caravanners.

However, it offers a good opportunity to begin to sell your product and service on-line without having to spend $75 or more per months.

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