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Dashboard of the website - Weebly Help Center Each time you sign in to your Moneybookers ID, you'll see your activities in one place with your Site dashboard. Find page statistics, shape postings, and blogs at a glance, as well as shop purchases, hints, and any third-party dashboard applications you've deployed through the App Centre. At the top right, the top right corner of the screen next to your name contains all your details about your profiles and accounts, a shortcut to our customer service centre and a shortcut to unsubscribe.

Your profile, services, payment methods and order histories can be viewed and edited on the Accounts page. They can also see the sign-in process for your affiliate as well as the progress of your recommendations. In order to modify your log-in e-mail or your passwort, click on Edit profile under your name on the leftside.

In order to return to the Home screen, click Locations in the top L H E area. Each website you own or to which you have direct or indirect control has its own dedicated information board for that website. When you click the next page name arrows, you'll see a listing of all your websites and websites you' re sharing.

If you select another website from this listing, the dashboard information is updated to play that website. There are two ways to access information transmitted via any form: The same information is stored in your bankroll. The last entries on the Kontaktformular are shown in the Dashboard, and if you click on them, you'll see all the entries you've ever gotten on the Formular, with the most recent entries at the top.

Current commentary on any of your blogs will be displayed here unless you disable commenting (or use Facebook or Disqus to administer it). Once a buyer has paid for their order, it appears on the dashboard, where you can retrieve all their shipment information and get in touch with them to update their order.

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