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Add a Google registration form - Weebly Community Actually, I don't want them to be able to work on the website, only the Google calender. I' ll make the Weebly website so it has a UN/PW. My wish is that our website allows our visitors to login to see everything without having to work. Google part comes because I have a Google diary in it.

My goal is for people to be able to easily create Google calendars with event information. In order to do this with the embeded calendars, the visitor must click on the small button to the right of the embeded calendars leading to the current Google calendars. That is where they would need the Google links.

Hopefully, using Google Authentication, I could sign in to the Weebly site, which would allow them to open the Google calendars without actually entering a second sentence of credentials.

Gmail Apps - Get Gmail for your Weebly website.

Gmail for your company! Take advantage of the powerful Google Apps with pro e-mail, web stores, calendar sharing, videoconferencing, and more. You can help your company to expand and your teams to success. If you activate Google Apps with Weebly, you'll get the full benefit of Google for Business at a reduced price of just $45 per year (a value of $50).

Apply authenticity with your customized brand-name mail and go up and down within minute. down;t works right off the spot and said it didn;t recognix=ze just the passphrase I just made and then the easy act of modifying the passphrase forced me to type a DNA location on a dedicated blank page and waiting 72 hrs for a reply I haven't yet got.

I' ve used Google Apps for businesses before Weebly, and much rather via the Weebly API when it comes to the e-mail page of things. It' really irritating to go into your Google Admin and find your way through the various choices and add Aliases and new ACTS to your customized domains, so Weebly is a million fold quicker.

Consider if you have more than one user-defined domains, and how long it will take to constantly login and logout and then login to your next user again, it really does add up.

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