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Subscribe to our newsletter - Weebly Help Center you can synchronize these logins with your contact informationutomatically. Let's take a look at how you insert the item Newsletters into your bottom line. You can find the newsletters on the Build page next to the contact form. Just click in your bottom line to open it for edit, and move the item over the item. item, so you'll be very comfortable with it if you've used it - the same choices are available, but the email is preconfigured as a subscription form so you can quickly setup it.

Would you like to change the registration form? Look at the Build page as you edit the newsletter item - you can insert and adjust extra boxes just like the contact form.

Adding a Live Registration Form with the Lead Capture Tool - Weebly Help Center

The Lead Capture utility lets you create a great-looking registration form for your website that encourages your traffic and synchronizes new leads for you. Click on the Lead Capture in the Promote sidebar and then on the Create Form pushbutton. There is a choice between a pop-up form and a Smart Bar form, each with different layouts.

Pop-up shapes act exactly as you might think - they are loaded in a small pop-up at the top of your website. Smartbars are embedded like a flag at the top of your website and contain a concise registration form. After selecting the desired form format and styles, you can customize the colours, text, fonts as well as other settings according to the styles you use.

You can click anywhere on the form to open the Edit pushbutton, or click one of the texts to change it. Once you are done processing, click Next to see a thumbnail of your form and specify its choices. Optionally, you can select the name for the form, the groups with which the contact should be synchronized, and how the form should work.

Feel free to post your filled out form on your Weebly website or copy and paste the embed code for use on an outside site. Notice that when the form is posted on your website, the whole content of the website publisher goes alive with the form, so make sure all your changes are prepared for posting before you add the form.

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