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Beginners, users want to create a basic website with minimal features. Starter, Pro, Weebly Plan, Business, Performance. I'd say Weebly is great as a starter site.

Weak prices - Starter, Pro or Busines?

Do you have problems searching for unfavourable prices? When you visit Weebly's website, it can be a bit hard to find information about the different releases and functions. This is because Weebly's market approach is to get folks to register for a free online banking service that has everything you need to create a website quickly and easily.

Once you sign up and use the Weebly WebsiteBuilder, they will begin to show you the advantages of an upgrade to a prepaid Weebly subscription that I' ll discuss below. As it can be a bit hard to find the functions and prices of Weebly's updated account until you become a free member, here I give you a brief insight into the prices and functions of Weebly contained in the different planning stages Starter, Pro and Business.

For Weebly PRO I payed on my example page, so I can post a full Review of Weebly. By 2014, Weebly was changing its prices and adding a business map, so there is now Free, Starter, Pro and Business. Since then, they have been changing prices again to get away from the cumbersome pennies and keep them at even dollar rates.

The starter range is from $3/mo for 2 years to $5/mo for 6 monthly periods. The deal varies from $20/month for 2 years to $29/month for monthly to monthly. With a Weebly account update, how many websites do you get? From August 2013, you will have to update each site separately. You' ll no longer receive 10 websites with each update, as you did before August 2013.

Maybe if you upgrade before August 2013, you are like me "grandfathered" into the old price range. Although the free edition of Weebly has a lot of functions, you can lose your professionality by using it. Weebly PRO has been my recommendation in the past because it allows you to adjust the bottom line and get the text "Get a FREE Weebly Site" off the bottom line.

The starter release now includes this function. Under $5/month, you can upgrad to Starter and adjust your bottom line to show what you want. In addition, you get some more functions like advanced web statistics and advanced web statistics. Look at the customized bottom line I was able to build below.

There are many ways you can adjust it, but my bottom line is just text and an image. Use of your own domains is restricted to commercial editions of Weebly. That' probably the number one rationale why most folks should at least update to the starter schedule. The above table shows what you can get beyond the Starter Edition when upgrading to Weebly PRO.

You may need to update to PRO for certain special purposes, such as more disk space or passwords. However, I think the most cool thing about PRO and the most important thing to do is to get the headers slideshow. The free copy of Weebly lets you insert fixed images and text into the head area, but the PRO copy lets you insert slide shows that dynamically modify themselves to generate motion on your website.

The addition of this type of motion to your website is a great way to attract your visitors' interest and keep them longer on your website. In my view, this in itself is a great value for Weebly PRO because it increases the efficiency of your website. Here is an example of what the Weebly PRO headers slide shows look like, but they can be adjusted in many ways.

Please click on the picture below to see it on my Weebly page. And if you're already a free member of Weebly, you can log in and click Update to see the range of functions available in our free trial area. A few of them are also available in the starter versions (see table above). Remov Weebly footer and adjust your own custom footing.

Please see mine on my example page. Headerslideshows - gives your website a professionally look. Have a look at my headerslideshows. During 2014, Weebly published new and enhanced e-commerce functions known as Weebly eCommerce. Weebly' eCommerce capabilities are available at the entry levels or higher for any website updated by Weebly, but there are restrictions, as you can see in the table above.

Mainly the vendors of the starter and pro schemes will be restricted to the number of items they can market. At Weebly, we have developed the new Business Levels Roadmap to provide higher value e-commerce capabilities such as limitless product, no commission, stock control, and more.

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