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Building Your Shop Beginning With Your Storefront - Weebly Help Center You have added your product and category listings, now it's your turn to show them on your website. Fortunately, Weebly lets you create your own window front - it's as simple as dragging and dropping, just like the Rest of Weebly. There are no cutters in your shop that look the same as everyone else's.

If you don't like the look the first you see it, a quick tweak of the preferences can give you a whole new look without having to move things. Your dynamic pages of content and content are created for you for ease of shop administration. No need to build new pages every single day to browse additional content or adding new items.

One shop page you probably want to build is your shop window home page. Please note: Before you can build the pages of your shop, you have to build your product and category. Showcase home page will help you to browse your product category and present your best product so that your clients get a good impression of the product you are selling.

Use the Categories and Products items (along with other items) on a default Weebly page to provide breathtaking access to your store. This can be made the home page of your website, or you can make a page that can be opened from the Navigate window to act as a thumbnail.

When you have used one of our great eCommerce topics, you need to fill the Category and Product items with your own category and product. You can do the same if you want to redesign your shop window front from the ground up. Use any Weebly element to customize your page, and then use the Category and Product element to present it.

Some of the best shop pages have a good layout of items, catagories, images as well as paragraphs, all of which can be pulled from the side bar in the editor.

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