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Examples of Weebly Store

Bike & Equipment . Breathtaking examples of Store Swebsites powered by Weebly. Example of Weebly store order canceled.

Managing orders with your Weebly Store

Using the shop function of Weebly is the most important thing that you will most likely be spending with browsing the page orders. On the Orders page, you can browse, void and even close orders. On the Orders page, you can browse your orders by customer name, zip code, phone number, city, and order number.

You can also restrict the query to a specific state. You can select from the following statuses: Paid, Complete, Sent, Downloaded, Sent, Paid, Downloaded, Cancelled, Founded and Forwarded. It searches all orders by standard, regardless of state. Thus it is possible to easily see which orders have been closed and what still needs to be done.

In addition to the option of using Weebly's Store Order Manager natively to display and administer orders, you can also expand the orders to use with third-party software. Currently there are two possibilities for the selection of the data to be exported. This can be either in CSV or in a proprietory file that Intuit Quickbooks understands.

To be able to use the e-mails of the wagons left, which are sent electronically, it is necessary to update the Weebly to the performance plan. Allows you to specify the amount of elapsed working hours after a prospective client has left the site to receive an e-mail containing the shopping basket. Below are a few examples of what an order might look like.

In this way you can contact your customers if something appears or is sold out from the moment the order is placed. An example of this is when an order is canceled, when an order has been placed on your site, when the order is still outstanding but has been made.

While there are several other order history pages, the order history pages are available at the top of the page, according to the order category and the actual state. The Weebly Store Summary - A comprehensive summary of the most important functions of the Weebly Store.

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