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WEBLY eCommerce Review - Easy Online Sales While there are MANY ways to set up an on-line store, Weebly's new eCommerce functionality can be the easiest choice I've ever seen and the best value for all. For years Weebly has been a robust website builders that offers a easy way for humans to build an accessible website using directories.

Here you can find my complete Weebly Review. Now, with their upgraded e-commerce options, they provide a clever and easy way for humans to resell items on their Weebly website. To get a deeper view, get something to eat by watching Weebly's hours of footage below in this article.

The need to combine several different service providers to get a full featured website is one of the greatest difficulties in making sales on-line. At Weebly, we simplify the entire workflow by combining everything in one single bundle. WEBLY eCommerce has the following things that allow you to quickly set up your own web store: When you have taken the trouble to investigate the sale on line, you have probably noticed that it is not free.

You''ll face charges for SSL, domains, hosted services, billing gateway, chargeback, transactions fees and more. At Weebly we offer everything you need to be able to buy goods on-line at an accessible price. At Weebly we have a free choice for folks who just need a fundamental information website, but if you want to take full advantage of their eCommerce properties, you need an improved layout (starter, pro or business) that will start at under $5/month.

Please see my other article about Weebly Pricing and Features. Weebly receives this payment, which cover hosts and provides support for the Website Builder's website development tools, including eCommerce. Weebly eCommerce has other expenses that need to be considered when running an eCommerce site: Dealer handling fees - This may vary depending on the dealer you use.

Currently Weebly eCommerce connects to Stripe, Paypal or Authorize.net. Handling fees are usually approximately 2.9% + $0.30 per deal. These costs are usually the same regardless of whether you use Weebly eCommerce or any other options to build your own store. Weebly calculates a 3% e-commerce seller deal charge on their starter and pro-plan.

You must upgrad to the business plans (approximately $20/month) to eliminate this fee. When you''re generating more than $700 in revenue per months, it' worth switching to the business plans because you are saving more than the expense of upgrading. On the Weebly Pro Plans, if you would handle 5 $500 deals in one months, your expenses would be as follows:

These percentages can differ greatly according to your revenue levels, but it is a measure for small seller averages. Vendors with a higher monthly turnover than $1,000 are expected to have their overall expenses below 5%. Think that Weebly eCommerce is a good match for your shop?

Please do not hesitate to contact me below if you are interested in Weebly eCommerce or if you have any further queries.

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