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Please enter the desired domain name for your online shop. In the Weebly Website Editor, click the Pages tab, and then click Add Page. As soon as you have completely set up your website, you can add some items for sale in a storefront. Simply copy the embed code to any page on your website and you're ready to go. No caps on pages or storage space.

Customize shop pages - Weebly Community

We try to construct a shop (3 catagories, about 150 products). There are two problems: How can we modify the page design, since it seems that we can only modify the store element as a separate element, and we don't have the option to modify this page. From the product page, how do I get back to the page that chose the product name?

Much like above, if we have a product and product catagory array on the same page that displays images of product in the chosen catagory along with a list of other catagories, it will not display any other catagories..... While I know that the other catagories exist because I can choose them, the text is either not shown or is shown in the color of the wallpaper and is therefore not shown.

Here, too, there is a way to adjust the page layouts for this monitor. While I know there are many issues, I think they are all related to the fact that they are not able to change the layouts of these product/category pages.

Detached: What is the best way to set up your Weebly eCommerce shop on a.......

It would be a good idea to place a pop-up on your pages that immediately reminds your customers that the store is on holiday. You will be notified that the store is currently not processing payment. Then you can use Canva to generate your own customized pop-up picture or your own messages.

It works together with the pop-up application. Put it in the pop-up application. Please note: The pop-up application also allows you to include an e-mail registration template. Collects e-mails from users. Warn them when the store is open again. It is also possible to generate your pop-up picture or your news with another application such as Photoshop.

Installation program

Need to upgrade your Weebly website to a more efficient e-commerce solution? What can I do to modify the shop design? Popup opens the Weebly website listing. Choose a website where you want to include the shop and click Connect. Verify that you have chosen the website properly and click "Connect".

App is already on! Post the changes and you will see the shop on your website. What can I do to modify the shop design? WEBLY plug-in allows you to modify the shop design. Allows you to choose a widget to view, the number of items per page, the number of items per line, and the activation of the Chamaeleonkin.

Chatleon - automatically adapt your store layout to your Weebly themes. If you have modified your shop style settings and want to keep them, please deactivate this setting.

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