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The Storefront page doesn't appear in my pr.... To be honest, the older one still has the storefront, and therefore the attempt to find out and really get to grips with why I couldn't make a new storefront on my new webstyle, which is much more outrageous.

While I welcome the abitly for more choices and being able to adapt things more, I wish you would provide both so that we, the client, can make a choice.

Love the smoothness of the old shop window front. Anything I can NOT make with dragging and dropping like I tried. Especially since the category need these big badges under them to be linked, rather than the words being the ones themselves. Even with the new dragging and dropping to build the storefront, it can sometimes return to the "storefront page" through the cinemas when you view a particular work.

Since the " shop window front " does not really exit any more, it is like a poor connection.

Show products on one page - Weebly Help Center

Just like category items, once you've created a product, you can show it in your storefront (or other page). Make sure that you have pictures for your product so that they are displayed well on the page. Tip: If you have more than one image for your product, you can really make a more interesting one!

In order to present products: In the eCommerce area of the Build page, click to move a commodity item to the page using Drag & Drops. All your actual categorized items and all your not categorized items are displayed in a dialogue. Extend a categorie to find and choose items. You can also look for a specific item. REMARK: If you have not designed any items, you will be prompted to design some first.

Select the product(s) to be shown on the page and click the Select button. You can now, with the Product item on the page, modify how it shows your product, or even modify the product shown. Tip: You can use the items to create categories and items as you would with other Weebly items.

You use the spacer item to insert spaces. Submit other pictures. A number of different ways are available to design your pictures and information. They are displayed in a lattice by default. 3. When there are more items than fits on a page, a page break will appear at the bottom. Now you can modify this to one of the following:

You can see the items in lines and column. Every picture has the same dimensions. Our designs are designed according to the picture dimensions - usually alternately smaller and bigger. You will see all the pictures you have added to a specific item. Plain: The items are shown in a line and the operator can move to the right or right, similar to a slide show.

In the Products dialogue box (opened by klicking the item on the page), click Modify Layout and select the desired page style to do this. As soon as you have decided on a design, you can modify other ad layouts in the product dialogue (opened by a click on the item on the page).

To see what you can modify, see the following paragraphs. The Products item shows 3 standard columns: In order to modify the number of column, click in the Products item and in the columns box of the dialogue, type a number or use the + or - symbols to modify the number.

If you have more items than can be shown on a page, page break hyperlinks will be shown so that your clients can see all items. There are two ways to break the page: It is also possible to adjust the number of items per page. The standard way to view the pictures you have submitted for them is to view them in the product by default. 2. When you have more than one picture loaded and you are using a unique picture format, the first picture you have loaded will be first.

This picture changes when the client moves the mouse over the picture. Switch off pictures or modify the side relationship in which they are displayed. Type of side relationship defines the dimensions and form of your picture. 4:1 would make the width 4x as large as the high.

Do not hesitate to toy with this relationship until you have found the right look for your business. Click View Options, and then click Picture Options to modify the picture view. You can disable this if you do not want to view pictures for product. Pictures are shown 1:1 by default. 1:1 is the standard format.

Browse through the other available choices and select the best fit for your site. Typically, each item will display a pushbutton that will navigate to the Item Details page, which shows dynamic information about that item. It is possible to turn off the pushbutton or modify the text, resize and colour (based on the design of your website) of these pushbuttons.

If you want to modify the way the buttons appear, click View Options, and then click Key Options. Name, prices, option selling prices and brief descriptions are shown below the picture by default. 2. In order to suppress this information, click on View Options and deactivate the ones you do not want to view. Standard settings include below picture name, pricing, descriptive text, and icon, flush Left.

Instead, you can place the picture to the right, side, or bottom of this information. You can also have the picture behind the text. It is also possible to leave the text ad switched on when your client moves the mouse over the picture. If you want to modify the text positioning, click View Options, and then click Info Position. As soon as you have placed the Product item on a page, you can modify the product (s) to be shown and the order in which they are shown.

To open the Product dialogue box, click on the Product item. Select Manage your product. Currently viewed items are shown in the order in which they appear on the page. In order to modify (add/delete) the product (s) to be shown, click on Select product and select the desired one. In order to rearrange the current product, just click and drag.

In order to remove a specific item, click on the minus symbol to the right of the item picture.

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