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Creating and managing student accounts. WEBLY is a simple website creator that is free and very easy to use. Login with your university e-mail address and your GUID password. When you have an apostrophe in your email address, you must remove it. The Students create web pages that can have multiple creators at the same time.

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WEBLY is a simple website builder that is free and very simple to use. Watch this tutorial to see how you can organise and optimise your Weebly website browsing. Watch this tutorial to see how to browse pages in Weebly, how to best practice page management, and how to prevent frequent errors that complicate website browsing.

Slideshow is a short tutorial on how to make a default Weebly topic look and feel special by modifying and manipulating the wallpaper.

Build a password-protected Web site or member area.

Example: You want to show your work to different customers (e.g. a professional artist or a photographer), you want to make your work available to members only (paid or unpaid), for example via a member website with personal login, you want to create a community where members can talk to each other.

Using this technique, you can give all your users a unique login and select the pages you want to secure. You will see this approach on site at the builders such as Wix and Weebly (in conjunction with this approach, they both include a subscription module). Use Weebly to select a username and passwort for the whole website:

Disadvantages: no controlling who has acces to the site (the user can share the site and there is no face-to-face login), no mechanisms to recover the user ID, everyone has the same levels of acces. Secured areas for different groups of customers with different user accounts. You can use this option to customize areas with pages for your customers.

It is not possible to generate usernames, so the username only needs the username and passwort to use it. It is the methodology used by Jimdo, 1&1 and Squarespace (here you cannot really set passwords for more than one page - it is one per page). Squarespace lets you select a different passcode for each page, but you can't make single sections like you can with Jimdo.

With Jimdo, you can build multiple "page bundles" for different groups of customers, each with a different passwords. Five sanctuaries are allowed in Jimdo Pro. Jimdo Business has no limits (even in the free Jimdo Business edition you can still set up a secure area). They have their own log-in to the website and can enter secure areas.

Wix and Weebly are good example for this approach. You can see in this screenshots the rights for every single page of your website (in our example the photogallery). Select whether it is viewable by all users, password-only or member-only. This is how it looks when a user wants to register:

You can also register quickly and easily via Facebook and other online sites. At Weebly we also offer a subscription engine that is part of the subscription plan. Excellent user authorization controls, user can be added/removed separately, user can log in by himself, passwords can be recovered. Sharing thoughts, images, hyperlinks, etc. very hard to create effective a fully functional community networking site.

Wix.com offers some functions of a charity site because your members have profiles. And as a more sophisticated option, there are a number of WordPress plug-ins that can help you run your own online communities and even calculate your payment. Website-Builder provide quite a few mighty functions to build password-protected web sites or member areas, and above all they are quite simple to setup.

Question yourself if you have the amount of patience or resource to maintain a community service area. Do you want to create a communication environment that allows members to interact with each other, or do you just want to give members the ability to browse your favorite video and video sites? In our opinion, Wix.com provides a very good answer through its member function.

Often password-protected areas or a member area are sufficient. When you want to build a community networking site, you should put a great deal of effort into it to bring it to market. To learn more about Wix, Weebly, Jimdo and many others, please take a look at our in-depth website builders review.

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