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Sales your product and subscription! This is the simple way to buy subscription, real goods and e-commerce goods. Receive PayPal or Stripe payment in up to 25 different currency for high converting. Make a customized photo gallary with colours, sizes, etc. that fits your website well.

This is the simple way to set up a customized e-commerce shop to expand your business:

In addition there are customs and forwarding expenses. Tailor your designs to your needs: Choose your own colours and typefaces, resize, frame, and more. Update to delete the PHOWr brand and enable premium functions such as Joining E-Commerce to Weebly: Dragging the POSWr item to your page. Establish your e-commerce at Weebly. Wherefore PWr user loves eCommerce:

Do you have a question or need help getting e-commerce up and run? We are here for you! Select font, color, font sizes, etc. Eliminate the need to brand limitless e-commerce applications. Update to enable premier capabilities such as customized styles, rebate code, and higher filesize restrictions.

I' m about to change my rating, I gave this one badge before, but support has been very useful in bringing my account together into one and since I've been working on it again, I've quickly found things out and it's a fairly good overall application. The one thing that's keeping me from being five asterisks, and maybe I haven't found out yet, is that I wanted to do a 7-day free subscription test before I paid my customers, and didn't figure out how to do that, so instead I got 30% discount before I charged my customers the full rate.

I' m glad to see there's a charge clock now. Hello Vince - Thanks for posting a comment and we are glad to let you know that POWr Ecommerce now has strip feature :) If you edit the application, all you need to do is activate "Allow payment by debit cards from the site" to make shopping directly from your site without Paypal redirection.

To use this application, you must use PayPal for payment processing and it will remove you from your website. PayPal then asks your customers to have a PayPal bankroll in order to purchase the products. When you want to make it larger, there is user-defined style sheet that can be added to the application to fix this.

Please get in touch with our technical staff at: help@powr. io regarding PayPal payment. If you have a PayPal merchant or merchant login, you can provide payment by using a payment method with your PayPal merchant name. We will introduce Stripe as an extra feature in the coming month! Pilar's great client services! Allows you to modify the payment rate of your subscription, but does not display this information correctly.

Even the recurrent payment will be set up for an extra month's charge via Paypal. Our support team is kind and responsive, but this is not where I had expected it to be.

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