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Weebly Community support via webcam - Weebly Community But why don't we remain logged in when we click Help Center? I' m obviously registered here to give you that answer. Click on Help Center and I am not logged in. This means that I have to delay until the fellowship page is loaded (for some sort of reasons, your fellowship pages are loading very slowly) before I can even find the help center (yes, I'll be bookmarking it this time).

You shouldn't have to be so inconvenient to get in touch with support. Mod - Arrgh, my village at last uploaded, I click on Help Center and lo and behold, I am no longer logged in!

Are you looking for chat or email support?

Can you tell me exactly what I should do to get a webcast started in the near term? For now, the answer is: Can I append a Google function to my site? If so, how do I do it, Google will tell me to sign up on register.com fe to get some coding to proof that I own the site.

In order to launch a conversation, please go to help.weebly.com while logging into your Weebly login (or simply click on the support links here in the community), and then look for the small black conversation tabs at the bottom of the page. Concerning the addition of Google searching to your website, you should be able to do so, although it may sound as if Google is asking you to check your website first.

Select the method you want to use, then copy the tags, paste them into the Header Code box under Preferences > SEO > Header Code and post your website.

Weebly' support is shit, do you approve?

I have said here that I support it implicitly. I weigh because this reveals a second problem, which was a certain problem, and it is this irreverent one. Allow me to introduce this by saying that the given arguments are partly the reason why I as a developer don't even suggest it for those who are going to employ someone to create their website.

Obviously Weebly can be obviously upgrownd and that should have been really abviouls to anyone who had any imagination of becoming the close Amazonia or the day before TigerDirect. of thing. but to position the reserved heading any of you position in Weebly's own meeting is fitting class and defamation. Making a survey in a board just for comments does very little to send an actual news, and generally speaking folks don't do much less reading, taking the page from someone who appears like a loser cannon.

Because I have the materials I need for my next two items, one of which was for those who have become weak and need to be hosting alone, I log in. Simply giving advices, using your own ressources and how Weebly can still be a profit and alternative you need to use instead of compete with your own e-commerce website.

Frankly, if this is the kind of someone I would write it for, I think I'd rather publish it somewhere else. You' d be amazed how much better you are supported not only by Weebly, but also by the communities and other places.

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