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Weebly Premium Templates and Weebly Topics Is good web site management really important? On the basis of the research conducted by "Trust and Misust of Online Health Sites", the researchers concluded that good website designs have an influence on whether your website is trusted by people. Out of all the elements cited for rejection or distrust of a website, 94% were design-related; only 6% were content-related.

This means that in determining whether or not to rely on a website, respondents mention design-related questions 15 time more than content-related questions. Good website designs are important because they build confidence - your website stays longer with your customers. We' ll give you step-by-step instructions for installing and customizing (in both text and videos ) Weebly's products are specifically designed for Weebly customers of all ages and abilities, so you can create your own website today!

Will I need a great deal of engineering know-how to operate your product? Understanding that not everyone is safe technologically, that's why we've been so passionate about developing our product and installing manuals. If you can keep up with the step-by-step guidance we supply, you can still fit and adapt our product.

Or just send us an e-mail. Is your template interchangeable with Weebly? Must I use Weebly Pro? Weebly is 100% compliant with our product range - we have thoroughly tried this and you can also see some of our customers' sites with our product range. Whether you use the free Weebly, Weebly Starter Plan, or Weebly Pro versions, it doesn't make any difference.

Got an established Weebly website. Do I keep all my original/existing website contents after uploading your artwork? Yes, all your own current contents will be migrated from your current Weebly website to the new look after uploading our templates. This way all your website contents are secure.

View our videoclip here to see how we are installing a pattern. You' ll see that the initial website contents are inherited into the new templates as well. Is Weebly going to work the same way after installing your templates? Yes, the construction of a website with the drag-and-drop feature of Weebly remains unchanged.

All that will be different is your new webpage! What will DivTag supply me with? All our items are shipped by e-mail, which is sent to you immediately after your order. Please click on the safe e-mail file that contains the safe downloading links to get the downloaded version.

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